Friday, 27 January 2017

Natural Hair Bun - Different Ways!

I'm all about the LOW natural hair bun these days. I had been thinking about putting my hair in that style for a while, and after I saw Michelle Obama's low bun at the recent Presidential Inauguration, I knew that I was definitely doing mine. I've posted a video and tutorial here on how I achieve a natural hair bun, so you can check it out if you want to do the same.

Anyways, one thing I like about bunning your hair is that you can put the bun in different positions.

From a Mega High Top Bun...
Source - Rehairducation
To a Regular Bun like this...

To a Low Bun like this...
Source - Whitney Madueke on Bella Naija
Source - The Chameleon Blogger
Or a Side Bun like this...

I like that buns are so versatile, and are instantly classic and chic. What style of bun is your favorite?


  1. Low buns are so simple to achieve, but a high bun is my favorite whenever I have the time as it can look so elegant and gives you an instant face lift.

  2. The side bun is looking very pretty. The low bun is probably for me cos I wear a wig for work.


  3. Side bun. I just don't have the hair to do it. Lol

  4. These styles are so beautiful. I love the side bun

  5. Buns of life. I am going to share a link to a Youtube tutorial of a bun. I tried it myself and let us just say my bun looked so big it could remind some of a gele LOOOL - By Ronke Raji

  6. I love the side buns, but it requires a lot of hair.


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