Sunday, 6 September 2015


Wash day can be hectic and time consuming, with all the pre-poo, pre-co, clarifying, de tangling etc....Most of us use a whole day, even some hours into the next to clean our hair and by the time we are done, our siblings and parents are furious...
 Today's post is going to be about how we can look forward to wash day without it not making us weak,sigh and without it not taking over all your social life! In the spirit of selflessness and kindness, I introduce to you MUD WASH........ YAAAAAAAAY....

- Bentonite clay 
- Apple cider vinegar
- oil 
- Warm water

  TOOLS :::
- bowl 
- steel table spoon
- spray bottle
- comb 
- old tee shirt

  RECIPE :::
            Put on your old tee- shirt ( the one you can afford to get stained)
            Pour enough bentonite clay into a bowl .
            Add a quarter of your clay's quantity of apple cider vinegar ( i.e., if your clay is 8tsps, v. your  Apple cider vinegar should be 2tsps)
           Add warm water ( half the size of the clay), add drops of your essential oil and mix! 
           Section your hair into parts,spray with water and apply your mixture, concentrating on your root and scalp.
           Leave in for 45 minutes and rinse out.
           Apply your leave in conditioner, coconut oil,seal with Shea butter and style.

         PROS :::
- leaves your hair clean and adds shinny volume.
- erases any fear of your hair being stripped.
- saves a whole lot of time.
- resurrects your social life( lol)..
- your mom won't have to nag about how much water you waste..,

       CONS :::
- the smell is arrrrrghhhhhhh but it's nothing little drops of coconut oil won't take care of..

NB :::
 You could deep condition afterwards but you really do not have to..
   Aloevera juice can be used in place of apple cider vinegar.

Have you been looking for an alternative to shampoo,is your scalp acting up, do you want to get rid of those build ups!!! Try mud washing today and your hair will never remain the same...

You know I appreciate your questions and feedbacks,
So, see you at the comment section..



  1. FYI, almond oil is a carrier oil and not an essential oil.

    I do mud washes all the time with Ayurvedic powders.

  2. So which do you prefer? Shampoo or bentonite clay?

  3. I like mud washes too.
    I read that you should use a plastic or wooden spoon to mix your clay, never metal. Reason provided was they have opposite charges and the clay actually pulls metal from the spoon; and ypu really don't want heavy metals in your hair.

    1. plastic wouldn't do because the clay gets really hard! steel stainless can be used and if you noticed,i specified that steel spoons should be used..thanks.

    2. You are right, sandra. No metal should be used in clays at all. I mentioned this precaution when I documented my bentonite experience here.

  4. I use Amla and Shikakai powders. Leaves my scalp clean too. But so many particles of which I don't mind though

  5. the bentonite clay is really good for your face too

  6. I once did a mud wash, I mixed bentonite clay , amla powder, coconut oil and water. Its a compressed method of wash day. It left hair not so soft and not so hard(in-between) and I had to rinse a lot to get the particles out. I heard rhassoul clay is more moisturising, pls do a write-up on that too. Thanks

  7. Wow!Need to try this!Thank you for sharing!

  8. I should try this someday.
    I have reading about clay wash, how it detangle, moisturizes and wash all at once.

  9. Super lolling at "resurrects your social life" hahahahahaha. I have the clay, i must try this out :-D. thanks a lot.

  10. the first paragraph,i can relate even though i do the barest i can on my hair.
    *sigh*dear bentonite,when will you and i hook up?

  11. Rhassoul for me!!! But I still won't do it by myself.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  12. I love clay washes now. I, sometimes, don't deep condition after clay treatments.

  13. Only if I go to a natural hair salon! Then I'd get to have someone remove the particles (I think) it would leave in my hair. Or doesn't it leave particles? I had this terrible experience with bananas recently and I need to be extra cautious. Always wondered what clay did for the hair tho....

  14. Im so trying this as my shampoo will soon finish lol 😜


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