Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Herbal Party on African Naturalistas

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Why go all the way to India to get your ayurvedic herbs for your hair, when you can get it on African Naturalistas at really cheap prices? What more, they come in bigger sizes than you can find anywhere.

Just remember one thing. It is a party. No matter how fun it is, a party cannot last forever, we all have to go home sooner or later. So take advantage of this opportunity, and come and dance while the fun lasts.

We have the following herbs in stock, all in powder except flaxseed

Tesu/ Flame of the forest
Reetha/ Aritha/ Ritha
Holy basil/ Tulsi
Multani mitti/ Fullers earth/ Bentonite
Methi/ Fenugreek
Henna/ Mehendi
flaxseed powder
Orange peel
Winter cherry
Mountain ebony/ camel’s foot tree/orchid tree/Kachnar
Gulab/ Rose

So, we are inviting you to this party. Don't be the one to stay at home, sulk, and wait for others to come and tell you how fun it was while it lasted.

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  1. I ordered for henna yesterday and I received it few mins ago, I'm impressed as to the efficient service.

    1. Aww, thanks very much. Please, tell your friends and family more about us.

  2. Nice one.

    Erm, no rhassoul clay?

    1. Your fave, right? You should give others a try.

    2. @Berry

      They are herbs not clays.

    3. Lool. But what's the difference na, since they are all powders that form paste. The bentonite is actually clay.

    4. These herbs are Ayruevdic(sp?). Clays are not. (I think)


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