Sunday, 6 April 2014

Real life natural hair talks: How drastic did you go for your hairgoals?

Hi Naturalistas

                                      Ilola, not me :)

I know some of us were so desperate at some point when we felt we weren't achieving our goals of healthy, long hair. I know I shouldn't put this in past tense, just because I stopped caring too much about mine. I know there are people that are still very much faced with the realities of what desperately trying to find ways to achieve set out desires can be.
Ilola mentioned asking her stylists to pull on her hair. Though the severity of the consequence was not one to get you laughing, I couldn't help laughing when I read that one.
(Read it here  If you missed it.)

I know some people have done some very drastic things like the *inversion method. That was so scary when I first heard about it. Too bad I really do not have personal experiences to share.
Not that I didn't/don't have desires that I needed to see happen badly, just I never thought of anything out of line. I am so Lilly livered when it comes to things like these so pardon me if I have no stories to share. But I'll be delighted to hear yours, if you have any

*inversion method - Maintaining a sort of an upside-down position to channel more blood flow to the scalp region, because it us believed to facilitate rapid hair growth.

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  1. Never done anything unusual. Maybe because I'm not after length, as I think the hair will grow eventually

  2. Ditched transitioning as dealing with 2 different textures was getting frustrating was the most drastic measure I have taken so far and it paid off. I have come to understand how diverse the natural hair can be therefore I live by this motto: know and own your hair!

  3. If you count doing a big chop drastic, then thats how far I have gone in regards to that.

  4. If you count doing a big chop drastic, then thats how far I have gone in regards to that.


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