Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Do we 'Baby' our hair too much?

  Happy Tuesday lovelies! With the dawn of the Natural Era, we as New Naturals seem to jump on already crowded bandwagons touting the correct steps to take while caring for our natural hair.
  As of recent times, I have come to ask myself the question: "Do we as naturals tend to baby our hair too much?"
  Watch on and enjoy ladies!

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  1. Yup I do believe we baby our hair too much and fret at the slightest mishap, something as trivial as waking up in the morning and noticing my silk scarf slipped off makes me believe my edges are all gone lol

  2. LOL!When I first went natural and anything even slighly grazed my hair I would be shrieking:'Split ends!'LOL,the naive old days!While I know it is essential to take extra care of our Afro hair because it is so fragile in nature,I do tend to think that sometimes we really go overboard with it!Thanks for the comment!

  3. I think we so want to get it right and prove to ourselves we did a good thing going natural! Lol! Serenataphy@gmail.com

    1. Sis you are so right!I had never thought of it in that way.But it seems like its become a full time job and I guess pay day is when we have that desired puff or hair swinging down our back lol!I just think that while we should not neglect our hair in terms of how we care for it,it should not have to feel like labour!For example,I used to fear and dread the idea of my wash day but now,I have learnt to almost split the time I used to spend on wash day in half just by simplifying everything and doing what my instincts tell me rather than what I have been told is correct.Thank you for the comment!Bless up Sis.

  4. Yeah, I think I can agree that sometimes we do baby our hair. But that's because there's so such a wealth of information out there (youtube videos, blogs, forums, vlogs, etc) and we feel like we need to do EVERYTHING that's suggested, if not, our hair will never grow.

    1. True Sis I do agree with what you are saying.I was just thinking back to my own relatives who have natural unstretched hair past shoulder length.Their regimens would make you faint.One of them washes once a month and heavily greases her scalp with Dax pomade,no moisturising or sealing and her hair is beyond beautiful.The other seals her hair with Vaseline and uses the same on her scalp.Am not saying that we should all just throw caution to the wind,its just some things are beginning to look a little suspect to me in terms of haircare.


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