Sunday, 29 November 2015


Yesterday was wash day for me and I was ready to give my hair the loving tender care it deserves but one treat was going to be missing, DEEP CONDITIONING!!
I ran out of deep conditioning pudding during my last wash and I forgot to get one, even though I made a mental note to do so. Deep conditioning is one of the most important step in a natural hair care regime, so,am not even going to think of skipping this step! So, I decided to DIY.
 Making your own homemade deep conditioning pudding is quiet easy and what goes into your hair would be solely your decision! just make sure you have the following in your mixture and you would be fine...

WATER : moisturises and strengthens hair.
MAYONNAISE: makes your hair stronger and gives shine
OILS : to lock in moisture
     a. Extra virgin olive oil - helps treat dandruff, dry hair and also adds shine.
     b. Jojoba oil - hydrates your hair from the inside,soothes the scalp and adds volume to thinning hair..
    c. Coconut oil - helps lock in moisture and prevents hair loss. Leaves your hair strong and soft .
   d. Argan oil : leaves your hair softer,fights frizz,prevents split ends and helps hair growth.
SEALANT : makes sure the oil and moisture stays inside..
   a. Shea butter : it has great moisturising properties and also soothes irritated scalp

You can add one or more of the above ingredients, depending on what you want  or like for your hair.

: jago mayonnaise
: water
: argan oil
: honey
: extra virgin olive oil
: coconut oil
: Shea butter
: egg

I mixed a tablespoon of all my ingredients
Cowashed my hair
Sectioned my hair (real struggle) and I applied from root to tip
Covered with shower cap and go about my business
I rinsed out after 30 minutes..

What do you use for your DIY deep conditioners? Please,let us know in the comment section....

Your questions and feedbacks
Are highly appreciated
So, see you at the comment section!!!

Saturday, 28 November 2015

7 Year Old Natural Hair Stylist

How old do you have to be to learn how to style natural hair? When it comes to styling natural hair, age is not a factor. Teaching our kids how to style hair can start at any age. Hope this video motivates you.


Watch  below or click here:

Friday, 27 November 2015

Funny Natural Hair Tutorial

BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My cousin sent me this video last week and it's just too funny. HighDefinition Bazala is an African Vlogger and she posts funny videos of makeup tutorials. This time it's a Natural Hair tutorial and she shows us "How to Tie a Ponytail, Bun  or Lephondo" (not sure what Lephondo means)


Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Finghair Tips Thursday: Nutrition

Natural Hair Emojis Are Finally Here!

Hello everyone!

During the course of the month, Dove Hair introduced Love Your Curls Emojis, the first emoji keyboard designed to represent kinky hair.

It's basically a line of curly-haired emojis for ladies who are black, brown, white, and in between.

The emoji's, which were developed in partnership with Snaps, can be used in text and messenger systems, including iMessage, SMS/text, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. The keyboard contains 27 curly hair designs, with selectable skintones and hair colors—resulting in a total of 131 curly emoji variations, and even animated GIFs.

To celebrate the launch of the emoji’s, Dove Hair has also partnered with Twitter so that each time users share a #LoveYourCurls moment, a custom Dove Curly Emoji will auto-generate within the tweet.

According to them,

“While Emojis are diversifying (as evidenced by the last update ), there is still a “one size fits all” for hair – straight and sleek, the traditional beauty ideal,” Dove noted in a press release.

“Knowing it takes extensive time to petition Unicode to update its keyboard, Dove Hair will offer an immediate solution for all of the curly women and girls who currently have no accurate representation of their hair when ‘speaking’ in the increasingly common social language of Emojis.

“The Dove Love Your Curls Emojis will be available for FREE download in the App Store and Google Play on November 4, 2015.”

Ladies! What do you think?

I think this is huge! It particularly signifies progress. It means natural haired women are finally been recognized and we're being paid attention to.

Will you be downloading?

Share your thoughts!

Love, coils and curls.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

'Learn how to take care of your Natural hair first' Mane matters with Chidinma

Hi Naturalistas

Meet today's Natural

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
My name is Chidinma, I’m a lawyer but currently pursuing other passions. 

What are your thoughts about natural hair?
Natural hair is as distinct as finger prints, no two heads of Natural hair are the same.

When/why did you decide to go natural?
I decided to quit using relaxers back in April 2014, I was already 5months post relaxer and as usual I didn’t feel like relaxing my hair so I went on Google to find out ways I could take care of my new growths until I felt like relaxing and I was introduced to the beautiful world of natural hair. I felt like big chopping immediately but I was advised by my elder sister to try and research on it very well before taking the plunge. I spent the following 6months learning as much as I could about natural hair, I’m grateful that my sister gave me such advice.

Did you do a BC or you transitioned?
I transitioned for 11 months before big chopping on the 5th of Nov 2014. Due to the fact my hair was already 5months post relaxer, my transition felt like just 6months.

What was the experience like?
I didn’t feel anything lol. I was that lil kid who begged and got a hair cut by 8 &for the next 8 years was on low cut so cutting my hair was no biggie for me.

What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?
The only fear I had was if I would be able to properly care for it. I saw how my elder sister cared for her relaxed hair & I used to think it was hectic lol but now that I’m taking care of my hair, it’s not as hard as I expected. 

Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?
When my hair is out, I try to deep condition weekly, this has really helped in getting my hair more manageable. I don’t play with moisturising my hair.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?
Long haul.
There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?
I’ve never NOTICED any negativity, those that matter love it. My husband loves it, he (then boyfriend) was one of the people I told about quitting relaxers, he was very cool about it. I even had to describe what I meant by natural hair cause he was too cool about it, I had to chip in Chimamanda kinda hair lol. He has been very Supportive with buying hair products sometimes and on one rare occasion helped with washing my hair lol. My family is used to me making decisions on my hair and they respect it. My elder sister is just happy that I’ve taken interest in my hair, she gives me hair products 

What's your must have product and accessory?
Water, oil, leave in conditioner and bandor tiny scarf strings for puffs

What is your go-to style?

What advice do you have for anyone just going natural?
Take it one step at a time, you can’t learn every thing in a day. Unless you are good with styling your hair, don’t sweat the styling aspect, learn how to take care of your hair first.

Where can we find you? Your social media platforms…
Instagram; @absolutelyfrotastic

What do you all think? Her hair is beautiful. Can't believe it's just One year... This should be a source of motivation for those still not sure about going natural and scared that it won't grow back

Anyways, don't forget to send a mail to if you want to
get featured on the blog

Till then

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

"Moisturise your Natural Hair": What is the fuss?

Hi Naturalistas!

I hope your week has kicked off great and the moisturising? One of the first things we hear as new naturalistas is "You must Moisturise" but really, what is the fuss about it? Why is it so important? I want us to discuss this as we are trying to 'embark' on this challenge so we are armed with not just the 'How' but also the 'Why'

I have spent alot of time doing my mini research on the 'why' for moisturizing. Here are a few thing I came up with.

Moisture refers to the presence of a liquid, especially water, often in trace amounts. [Wikipedia]

Moisture and Hair; 

  • The human body is made up of 45 - 70% of water depending on the body size. We need an approximately 8 cups of water each day to avoid dehydration and water makes up 25% of the weight of hair [DurableHealth] so there is need to drink enough water. Water helps internally and externally- which is what we are mostly focused on- but we also need to drink alot of water daily. 

  • Hair is essentially 'dead' when it grows out of the skin and it easily drys out which is why we need to have a sealant to lock in the moisture that we have put in there.

  • Moisture is temporary which is why we encourage a daily moisturising. 

  • The role of moisture is to reduce the damage that is done to hair during manipulation by increasing the elasticity of the hair. 

  • I also learnt that there can be something as over moisturizing which we should avoid because your hair is as 'good' as it is when it is dry in that state. 
  • A moisturised hair look and feel alot better and hey! Who doesn't want that? 

So, what do you think? What is the fuss about Moisturinsing?

P.S: Bukky! Send us picture of your hair o and errr.... oreoluwa! I am still waiting. All of you sending 'I'm in' my inbox is not buzzing. You can still moisturise with your protective style. Check here for what you need to do again.

Biotin does NOT Thicken up your Hair!

Happy Tuesday Ladies! Long touted as the go to products for hair thickening, Biotin and Castor Oil have now come under scrutiny for this purpose.

Having gone on a couple of Challenges using both Biotin and Castor Oil, I actually experienced great results using this duo.

So what exactly happened?This video examines this...

Monday, 23 November 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 129

I’m doing well so far. Dimeji is fine, and we are settling well into the new situation. Work is doing fine, and my small business is progressing well so far. I sell few items from time to time, but I am not doing much marketing, I must be honest. Having an extra source of income is a good thing, no matter how small.

So I decided to do what in my opinion, is the craziest thing to my hair. Following in Yemisi’s crazy style, I decided to be experimental.

And what is this crazy thing?

Bantu knots!!!

It might not be anything to some people, but it was a big deal for me.

I was self-conscious at first wearing it. It was a bantu knots style with side-woven frohawk. I kept resisting the edge to loosen the knots, and turn it to a knot-out, but I braved it, and wore it to church. Contrary to what I expected, I didn’t get any negative comment at all. It was either positive compliments, or people said nothing at all. This gave me more juice, so I was more courageous to wear it to work the next day.

Everyone was just looking at me. I got mixed reactions like

“Your hair is really nice!”
Aww, thank you.

“Why did you do a primary school girl’s hairstyle?”
Wow, really?

“This hairstyle is not you, Anna. I think Yemisi’s influence is rubbing off on you.”
Good or bad?

“Hmm, you look really, really… what can I say? Different.”
Is that another way to say I look weird?

I got so much mixed compliment on my bantu knot, but in the end, I was glad I wore the style. I did something that took guts for once.

Yemisi was really impressed, and was oohing and aahing all over me. I’m sure if she hadn’t been in one of her crazy dyed hair cuts, she would have done hers immediately. I sense that she is going to do a remixed version of it very soon.

I wore it all week, and will be converting it to a knot out for next week. I am not sure if I will be wearing bantu knots soon. Maybe or maybe not. It looked good on me, but it was not the most flattering hairstyle option. I think the difference is what made it stand out.

Anyway, now I know I have what it takes to be crazy, even though it is not a big deal for some people. Now, let’s move on to the next big thing.

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In-Salon Trichology Hair Clinic at O'Naturals and KL Naturals

Hi Everyone,

How is everything going. I have exciting news for everyone.

KL Naturals and O'Naturals will be collaborating with African Naturalistas Hair Consult to bring you guys Trichology services in their salon.

The good news is that whether you are on the island or mainland, there's a great option for you. The lesser good news is that there are limited spaces available, as we have to work thoroughly with each client for diagnosis, prognosis, recommendation, etc.

So if you know people interested in seeing a trichologist, or who you know have a hair shaft or scalp disorder, let them know about this great opportunity. It doesn't matter if you have natural hair, relaxed hair, or no hair at all, we are here to solve hair and scalp problems.

Each booking entitles the client to one hour of consultation with the trichology practitioner. See more details in the flyers below. The two days are basically the same, only that the salons in charge are in different locations.

10th December 2015

11th December 2015
KL Naturals

Please, help us spread the word, and let everyone hear about it.

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