Saturday, 3 December 2016


  • If you find that gels dry up your hair, try doing this: Apply a moisturizer prior to putting the gel.
  • To help with length retention, focus on putting more moisturizer on your ends than the full length of your hair.
  • If you have to moisturize your hair several times a day, your moisturizer might not be working for you.
  • If you are experiencing breakage and have done everything; moisturizing, protein treatment, deep conditioning; check the water you use to wash or spritz your hair.

    If you have hard water, this can be the culprit. Use distilled water to wash your hair after you have used a chelating shampoo to remove the mineral deposit from your hair.
  • When using Shea butter, always use either on damp hair, or on hair that has been moisturized with a water-based moisturizer.


    Since Shea butter is a sealant, and not a moisturizer, when you use it on damp hair, water acts as the moisturizer and the Shea butter seals in the moisture that water puts in. If you apply shea butter on dry hair, it will not seal in any moisture and it will prevent moisture from getting in.
  • Make sure the grooved side of the bobby pin is facing down, against the skin. The ribbing is designed to grip hair and lock it in place, and you will capture more hair with the pin in that position.
  • When you moisturize your hair prior to stretching or manipulating it, you reduce the chances if it breaking. 
  • Bushy ends, make smaller twists and seal with Shea butter after misting hair with water
  • In colder weather, avoid products that have glycerin high on the ingredients list. Glycerin draws moisture from the air to the hair on humid days, but when the air is cool and dry, glycerin draws moisture from the hair, thereby drying up your hair.
  • Doing hot oil treatments at least once a month will help the health of your hair.
  • Rinse out your conditioner using cool water. This will help close the scales in your hair cuticle and lock in the moisturizing agents that are in the conditioner.
  • Pour 1 cup of cold Aloe Vera Juice on hair as final rinse, great sealant and shine.
Stay beautiful! ๐Ÿ’– 

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Finghair Tips Thursday: Trivia

Natural Hair Events In December

Hello everyone!

It's the last month of the year and the events are here.

  • Savvy & Chic Hair Berauty Hub Presents Sample Party with Kuicare - 3rd Decemeber, Lagos
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  • Get Wigged by Ella & Alex Present A One Day Workshop - 3rd December, Lagos
  • Natural Hair Rocks Presents Hairstyling and Wigmaking Workshop - 10th December, Lagos
  • Afri Haircare Academy Presents Free Haircare Workshop - 16th December, Kano
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  • Natural Nigerian Presents Naturals In The City 17 - 17th December, Lagos

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Irish Potato juice on Natural Hair

Hey darlings,
Hope you are all doing great?
So I was talking to a naturalista sometime last week about how avocado diy hair mask was great for hair. Then she replied with ‘Have you tried irish potato’; and i’m like you mean boiled or fried lol...

She then said, ‘Irish potato does the same treatment avocado does to hair’. I was speechless.
According to her, you blend raw fresh irish potatoes, squeeze out the juice and use it (the juice) to deep condition hair. You could add honey or coconut milk too.

Results after treatment is a well moisturized hair, thicker hair, shine and faster hair growth when done consistently. This treatment should be done every week for visible outcomes.

In no time I was on Google to get more information, here is a video I later saw online on how to deep condition with irish potato juice along with avocado.

Please watch and let me know your take on it.

Yay or Nay?

Would you ever give this a try? As for me, I’m not too sure. But whenever I do, I will definitely share on the blog.

Till then

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Is Natural Hair care really more expensive?

Hello Naturalistas, How are you all doing? Kinks and all?

I recently saw on twitter a guy saying that Natural hair care is cheaper and someone replied insinuating that it's infact not cheaper but more expensive. 

The question now, Is Natural hair care more expensive? 

If I am being totally honest, when I had my hair relaxed, it was way cheaper for me but one thing I realised after asking a few people this question is that we are all different and our difference will affect our response to this question. 

One person I asked in a heartbeat said keeping her natural hair is cheaper because she knows how to make some styles herself and it will still look good as against having to buy weave all the time. Another person was of the opinion that if we add weaves and natural hair salons into the mix then natural hair is not cheaper. 

At the end of the day, the answer cannot be straight forward. There are different factors involved. 

Products, I think natural hair products are more expensive considering the amount of things you need to buy but then you don't buy products every month. 

Hair styling; This I would say natural hair is cheaper, except when you add extensions to the mix.

Salons: This one too is another tricky one. Read The Big question: Natural Hair Salon

Time: I would say Natural hair is more expensive.

I would want to add stress and events but then you also know the answer to that. I understand that this is not everyone's reality like I stated initially, our experiences differ, but for some of us this is the reality.

While by the look of things natural hair care is looking more expensive then relaxed hair, and whether it is more expensive or cheaper to maintain our natural hair, we do it for the love and for healthier hair regardless of the cost. 

Let's talk. From your experience is maintaining your natural hair more expensive or cheaper?

I went home to find myself and almost lost my hair!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! I hope and trust that you are all well. I travelled back home to Kenya over my Summer holidays to take a much needed break.
  In this video, I fill you in on my experience dealing with my natural hair while on holiday and also share with you a few observations I made.
  Enjoy your day Ladies and make it a Great one!

Monday, 28 November 2016

Who rocked the style best? Braids

Yaaayyyy!!!! It is another edition of "Who rocked the Style best?" and we will be featuring the regular braids this time around. It is so simple, yet so versatile. The thing about braids is no matter what happens, it never goes out of fashion, and it never bows to tread.

You can make it crazy, you can make is weird, you can make it offcicial, you can make it cute... it all depends on your individual preference.

So in your opinion, among the six celebrities below, who would you say rocked their braids best, and why? The crazies or the classies? Remember you can only pick one. We would also like to know the reason for your pick. You can click the picture to enlarge it, in case you want to see the intricate details of the hair styles.

So who rocked this style best?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

DIY LOUNGE - Basic Natural Hair Recipes

A lot of people claim or believe they do not have a DIY bone in them! So, they just scroll down all DIY posts and  go "ooh", "haa", "wow" and then end their comments with "I wish I could do this but I am not a DIY person".
Well, I for one do not subscribe to that, I believe everybody is in fact a DIY expert if we could just bring out time and be patient with ourselves.
 I am going to be sharing some basic and well known natural hair DIY recipes and I am very sure that after going through today's post, self doubters will have a rethink.

   Things needed
- 2 tbs water
-2 tbs freshly squeezed lemon juice
-2 tbs olive oil.
- In a small bowl, mix all ingredients and massage into scalp and damp hair.
- leave in for about 30 minutes, rinse and then shampoo.

*** This recipe does wonders for itchy and flaky scalps.

   Things needed
-1 cucumber
- 1 lemon
- peel the cucumber and lemon
- put them in a blender and blend till smooth
- apply as you would a shampoo
- scrub and rinse out really well, making sure you get all the pulp from the lemon out.

*** cucumbers have nourishing properties and lemons are popular for their cleansing properties, combining these two can help combat dry scalps.

   Things Needed
- 1/2 cup mayonnaise
-21/2 tbs honey
Mix ingredients together
- apply to your hair evenly and make sure it coats it all
- cover with shower cap and let it sit for 45 mins.
- rinse out, shampoo , rinse thoroughly until there is no mayo left!

*** sun and heat leave our hair dry and shedding  but mayonnaise nourishes and moisturises our hair.

I hope these recipes help you get through this recession (lol). Please try these recipes and tell me if you discovered the Diy bone in you!

         HAVE A FAB WEEK!!

Saturday, 26 November 2016

5 Ways to Know If Your Natural Hair Is Healthy

5 Ways to Know If Your Hair is Healthy African Naturalistas
By DiscoveringNatural

Focusing on Healthy Natural Hair is more important  than growing Long Hair. When your hair is healthy, it will grow and retain the length. In this video, I share with you 5 ways to know if your hair is healthy. Knowing the difference between damaged hair and healthy hair is important. If you can tell if hair is damaged or dry, then you are on a natural hair journey to knowing how to grow your natural hair.

Dealing with Shrinkage:
How to Do Protein Treatment:
When to do Protein Treatment:
How to get Shiny Hair:
How to get Soften Hair:
Stay beautiful! ๐Ÿ’– 

If you like this blog post written by Sola of DiscoveringNatural, you can find her on her Youtube channel, DiscoveringNatural,  for more natural hair tips. Click here to visit her channel.
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