Saturday, 19 August 2017

How to Moisturize African Threading Natural Hair

How To Moisturize Natural Hair in African Threading Hairstyles

In this video, I show you how I moisturize african threading hairstyles, This natural hair hairstyle is called Cockscrew African Threading.
How to do it:
How to do African Threading:
African Threading Hairstyles:
Moisturizing Natural Hair :

Watch below or click here:

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

My biggest newborn baby hair mistake

When you are a first time mum the first few weeks you have help - ofcourse there are exceptions - and your baby is not totally your responsibility to take care of and in those few weeks you have to either be armed with information or experience will trump what you have no clue about.

I was told that there was a need to put eucalyptus oil into my baby's coconut oil as it will prevent him from having cold. I didn't object but it had it's consequences. After a while, I noticed that there were sores on his head and I started panicking. It was just the eucalyptus oil that was the strange thing that we were putting on his head. I contacted the internet and our own Trichologist and the first point of call was to stop putting the oil mixture on his head. 

I started using shea butter on the sores and making sure that it was always moisturised. After a couple of days it started having white patches and I got worried that it was spreading but apparently it was healing and by this time it was looking like cradle cap on some part of his head. 

Just put enough olive oil on the head and used a fine tooth comb to comb it out and doing that like 2-3 times all the white patch left his head and I couldn't be happier.

One lesson I learnt; If you are not comfortable with something, speak up. 

What mistakes did you make with your baby's natural hair?


Pre Poo Hot Oil Treatment for easier Wash Day!

Hi Lovelies! Doing a Hot Oil Treatment before a full wash, greatly helps your hair in terms of reducing tangles by oiling the hair strands and enabling them to glide past each other rather than tangle up during your Wash Day Process. I normally do my own home produced hair treatment but this time around I bought one of these hand made all natural hair treatment online from the company Lush.
  These come in a range of natural hand made products. The one I chose was the 'Hair Doctor. 'The ingredients include Coconut Oil,Jojoba Oil, Rosemary and Red Henna. All these infused together work to leave the hair feeling stronger and nourished and ready for the somewhat wear and tear process our hair actually goes through on every Wash Day. The Treatment comes attached to a wooden stick on which directions for use are clearly highlighted.
  My hair was left looking and feeling amazing! Any Hot Oil Treatment will work a treat on your Natural Hair prior to washing. Give it a try if not already doing so!

  Enjoy the video Ladies!



Tuesday, 8 August 2017

3 Newborn baby Hair myths and what you should know

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing, Kinks and all? Earlier this year I gave birth to a baby and as a new Mum in our culture you have an elderly person come take care of you and the baby in the first few weeks,  and in most cases. it is either your mother or your husband's mother. With an elderly person living with you in the first few weeks comes with different myths that have been passed from generation to generation. The internet became my very close friend and don't worry by the time you are done you would be tagged "Internet-Mum" it is okay because at the end of it all, you will let the myths end with you.

Here are 3 newborn hair myths and how you should respond to them;

1. Baby's head is breathing: I have heard of this even before having a baby and I believed it. On the top of the head babies have a soft spot called "Fontanelles" and it's present to enable the bony plates of the skull to flex so the child's head can pass through the birth canal [source] They tell you it is breathing because the soft spot pulsate and because it's "breathing" you either have to wear a cap for the baby and you need to put drops of eucalyptus oil in the baby oil to prevent cold.

Response: Explain that the soft spot is just for the baby's head to pass through the birth canal and you should only be worried when it appears sunken because that means the baby is dehydrated. Please, do not allow anyone put essential oil in the oil that comes in contact with your baby's skin. Eucalyptus oil is good and recommended by doctors if a child has cold. It is recommended to put around your baby's bed and not on the child's head. I had to learn this one the hard way.

2. Baby has a bald patch because of sleeping position; You will hear that your baby's bald patch because he/she is sleeping face up (which is the recommended position for babies) While this can cause hair loss if the hair is not properly taken care of but it is not the reason. My baby stopped sleeping on his back at about 2 weeks and still has the bald patch at the back of his head.

My Baby's head
Response: Here is the science behind your baby's bald patch on our Trichology Corner. So, don't worry and let the hair grow. 

3. You need to cut your baby's hair for it to grow well: This is absolutely not true. You don't have to cut your baby's hair for it to grow. Read the article above to understand the cycle of growth.

Response: Except you absolutely want to cut it for personal reasons there is no need for you to cut your baby's hair. The factors that contribute to your baby's hair thriving is the same as yours. Proper nutrition and proper hair care. 

What newborn baby hair myths have you heard?

Easy Protective Style for Natural Hair!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! I would like to share with you this really quick and simple Protective Hairstyle you can achieve in under 5 minutes on your Natural Hair.

  Enjoy the video Ladies ! And may I please take this opportunity to ask you all to please Pray for my Country Kenya as we are under an Election Period. May Peace Prevail!


Saturday, 5 August 2017

Easy Back to School Hairstyle - 3 styles in 1

Easy Back to School Hairstyle - 3 styles in 1 - African Naturalistas - DiscoveringNatural

It's Back to School Hairstyles season. We are starting this with a 3-in-1 hairstyle, twist hairstyles. I love Easy Natural Hairstyles especially Kids Hairstyles.  This works a quick back to school hairstyles for long hair and also a great back to school hairstyles for short hair.

More Back to School Hairstyles for Natural Hair:

Click here to watch or watch below

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Natural Hair Meet Ups In August

Once upon a time, the number of natural hair meet ups we had in Nigeria were a few and far between. You could literally count them with your fingers. But these days, things have changed. A decent percentage of Nigerian women have gone natural and are looking up to online communities for moral support hence the need for more meet ups.

It's August 2017, there are five meet ups across Lagos and one in the East. What a time to be alive!

It's been a while since we updated you with details of meet ups but we're fixing that now so you can plan to attend.

  • Naija Hair Can Grow's Salon Day Out - 6th August
  • Coily Head Of Hair's Coils On Campus - 12th August

Ladies, Mark your calendars because the natural hair community is making some noise!! @coilyheadofhair presents Coils On Campus Natural hair meetup. All you need is you and a couple of friends to come learn and equip yourselves with great hair tips towards achieving long healthy hair goals. Come network, socialize and share your personal hair care tips with other ladies!! GOT TICKETS? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Exciting photoshoot sessions, Food and drinks and lottttssss of giveaways up for grabs!!! So come through! It could be you! It's going to be a memorable experience! Proudly sponsored by @afrobynature_hairvitality @kuicare @midasnaturalsbeauty @nappyhairedwigs @zebellecurlsnatural @zapi_botanics @aramiessentials @_ohana_official_ @hushmagazineng @ejidemua #naturalhairmeetup #naturalhairfestival #naturalhairdaily #naturalhairrocks #coilsoncampus #coilsoncampus2017 #naturalhairgiveaway #naijanaturals #naturalnigerian #africannaturalistas #unilagnaturals #naturalsoncampus
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  • Uyo Natural Hair Community's Rock That Nappy Hair - 12th August

Hello naturalistas, are you ready for our second expo? Are you a naturalista, lover of natural, natural hair vendor, stylist, model........ Uyo Natural Hair Community brings to you "Rock that Nappy Hair" a Natural hair meetup/Expo. With Joy Unyimeh Bush (CEO Jaybush Kinky Naturals & Blogger) Mary Godwin (CEO of KinkCHIC Natural Hair Care &Blogger) Victoria Victor CEO Enterhairment Featuring : Faith Adetunji Zebellecurl Natural(Lagos), Swag bags and give aways Product exhibition and product swap: bought a product and hate it? Bring it and swap with a friend. Free hair treatment and styling Tickets. N1,000 Date: 12, Aug. 2017 Time:12:00pm Venue: HG-Synergy Eventz Hall & Space 71 Obio Imo, Off Oron Road, opposite Anton Clinic For sponsorship, partnership and tickets Call: 08109454506, 08189924214, 07038041036 Tag a Naturalista in Akwa Ibom and beyond
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  • Natural Hair Rocks' Light Camera Hair! - 19th August

African Naturalistas will be live at the Salon Day Out on Sunday 6th of August at The Oriental Hotel.

Come through!

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hair Update:Nursing my Natural Hair back to Health!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! This is a hair update on how my hair is coming along in my new Healthy Hair Journey. I had mentioned in a previous video how I intend to nurse my hair back to fullness after it had gone through a period of thinning and breakage due to heavy Stress. At the time my hair looked like this:

  This was a few months back and presently my hair looks slightly better:
  I aim to add to the volume of my strands and have my hair looking closer to how it looked a year ago, a nice fuller Afro:
  Enjoy the video Ladies and make today your very own!


Monday, 31 July 2017

African Naturalistas at Salon Day Out 2017

Hello ladies!!!  How are we all doing? I'm so happy to announce to you all that the 2017 edition of Naijahaircangrow's Salon Day Out is just few days away from now. Yay!!!

I'm excited because this is the most event-packed and exciting hair meet up I know of in Nigeria. You will do a disservice to yourself by missing it.

And yes... African Naturalistas will be there, live and direct, as one of the vendors. So apart from coming to have fun, we expect you to visit our stand, and purchase one, two or more products.

See more about the event below, so you will know I meant it when I said 'exciting.'

The event starts at 12 noon with the HAIR JOURNEY SERIES. There are 4 speakers this year who will be sharing their hair journeys, the ups, downs, in betweens, tips and tricks on hair styling, maintenance and growth...these Hairlistas are-

1. Ebun Oluwole

2. Glory

3. Our very own Ebun Oluwole of African Naturalistas

4. Mercy Familusi

At 2pm, Omozo of O'Naturals Salon will give a talk on SO YOU WANT TO OWN A NATURAL HAIR SALON? She will share her experiences, what inspired her to own a natural hair salon, the journey so far...if you have ever wanted to own a salon, don't miss this seminar as she will be willing to take questions!!

At 3pm, there will have a LIVE WIG MAKING TUTORIAL By Alex of NAPPY HAIRED WIGS!

... And then a LIVE PIXIE CUT MAKEOVER by the guys at Patrick's Beauty Zone

Kemi Lewis has something special for one lucky attendee's natural tresses!! She will be styling the hair live on stage as usual

After that, it will be time for INSTANT BATTLE OF THE HAIRLISTAS. The winner gets a nice grand prize!! Don't miss it, cos it could be you ooo, lol.

There will also be a Trichology clinic created in the corner from 4pm- 6pm where there will be taking diagnosing of hair/scalp conditions and dishing out treatment advice, etc

Date: Sunday, August 6, 2017
Time: 12 noon
Venue: Oriental Hotel
Gate fee: Unbelievable but it is Free

All you need to do is register via this link. You need to register fast before it gets full. Don't say you were not warned. :)

Saturday, 29 July 2017

What is the Obsession with Natural Hair Length Check

Natural Hair Length Check Rant | DiscoveringNatural

We are so OBSESSED with long natural hair that doing constant Natural Hair Length Check can become a constant reminder of our FAILURE to reach that foot length or waist length or whatever length we assume we can reach.

This video is my First Natural Hair RANT video. Yes! I am Ranting today. Many people have been asking me to do a Natural Hair Length check and I give you 3 reasons why I don't do them.

Please share with the natural hair community and share your thoughts in the comment area.

Watch videos in the playlist for tips for HEALTHY Natural Hair Growth:

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