Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Hair Profiles: Introduction

Hello Naturalistas,

How is your week going? For the coming weeks I will be talking abit extensively on the Different profiles for our hair. I had a bit of knowledge on Hair types based on the Audrey Walker Typing system but I kind just followed the band wagon to say my hair is 4C -___- I decided to do more research and found out a few things.

One thing is sure, Understanding your hair type will make your hair journey less frustrating and much easier. It's not 100% solution to your hair frustrations but understanding your type of hair is a starting point and I am here to help with that. ;)

* Black hair is very complex. No two heads of hair are alike. In fact, hairs on one head may not act alike. That is what makes us unique. But that also can be a challenge to fully understand. Our hair has various curl patterns (3C, 4A, etc.), textures, density, porosity and elasticity. It may seem very complicated, but here is the breakdown:
Curl Pattern
The is the most common system used to describe curl pattern. Essentially, most Black women have curly (3) or kinky (4) hair. The A, B and C refer to the diameter of the curl. (Although some women refer to their hair has “G” or “Z” hair. There is no such thing. They are just using that to emphasize how “kinky” their hair is.) The typing system is helpful with understanding how your hair may look if you copy a particular style. You can also infer that hair that is kinkier will be drier, because the tighter curl pattern makes it more difficult for natural hair sebum to reach the ends of the hair. You should not infer that kinkier hair is stronger. This is false. Hair texture determines hair strength, which I will discuss next.
The Quick and Easy Curl Pattern Guide:
1 = Straight Hair
2 = Wavy Hair
3 = Curly Hair
A = Curl diameter of sidewalk chalk
B = Curl diameter of a sharpie
C = Curl diameter of a pencil
4 = Kinky Hair
A = Curl diameter of a needle
B = Zigzag curl pattern
C = No curl pattern


Hair Texture refers to the thickness or diameter of the hair strand. Your hair can be fine, medium (normal) , or thick (coarse). Fine hair is delicate –with less protein structure — and doesn’t hold curls well. Fine hair is more prone to breakage, especially if it is also prone to dryness. Medium (normal) has more protein structure than fine hair, but it is more pliable than coarse hair. Coarse hair is a thicker hair strand, holds curls well, but it is less pliable than fine or medium hair.
Density refers to the number of strands on your head. Those with low density hair are more likely to have issues with scalpy twists. High density means you have a lot of hair strands. When you refer to someone’s hair as “thick”, it is normally in reference to density.
Porosity refers to how your hair strands retain moisture. If you are having issues moisturizing your hair, this is a very important concept to grasp. Low porosity hair is difficult to get moisture into the hair. Normal (Medium) porosity hair is fairly easy to get moisture into the hair shaft and retain that moisture. High porosity hair has a very difficult time retaining moisture because water enters and leaves the shaft easily. (NOTE: Overly porous hair is normally due to chemical and mechanical damage and is even more difficult to moisturize.) To test your hair porosity, place a shed hair in water and follow the guide below. It is also important to note that hair porosity can change over time due to use of chemicals, heat, and age of hair.
Quick and Easy Guide to Porosity
Low Porosity = Closed Cuticle = Hair floats in water during hair porosity test = Difficult to get moisture into hair
Normal Porosity = Cuticle layer opens enough to allow moisture = Hair take a long time to sink = Easy to moisturize and retain that moisture
High Porosity = Raised cuticle layer = Hair quickly sinks to the bottom = Absorbs water easily
Elasticity refers to the “stretchiness” of your hair, which is how much you hair will stretch and then return to its normal state. If your hair is healthy, when wet, it should stretch 50% or more and return to its normal state. Unhealthy hair may only stretch about 20% when wet. Hair that is not elastic is more prone to breakage. It is also harder to curl with rollers or heat styling tools. To test for elasticity, pull strands from at least four areas of your head. Determine how much it springs break, how quickly it springs break, and whether your hair breaks.
Next week, we would talk about the individual hair types and how you can leverage on your knowledge make your Natural hair journey easier. 
I hope this has been helpful? What is your hair type?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner review!

  A very Happy and Blessed Tuesday to you Ladies! One thing I have found to be of utmost importance in my Natural Hair Journey is the use of a good Protein Hair Conditioner.
  I have been trying to get the ingredients in my products to be as organic and natural as possible and when i stumbled upon the Jamaican Black Castor Oil Protein Conditioner,I was pleasantly surprised!
  Its a very natural,authentic product that in the amount of time I have been using it for has resulted in stronger,shinier and more resilient hair.I had to share my experience with you and have done so in this video!
  Enjoy Ladies and may you have a positively charged day!

Monday, 26 January 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 86

Thanks to everyone who advised me concerning my hairstyling issues last week. I think I will go with goddess braids. It is very simple, yet always makes ladies’ face and hair look cute. Wish me the best because I would definitely need it. I am just tired of sitting at home - Since November. It is not getting funny anymore.

As you might know, I am not really a fan of going to salons. I would rather stay home and do my own imperfect hairstyles, (though I believe I will be going to the salon for the goddess braids, because as simple as it is, I cannot make it myself).

Anyway, there is this other friend of mine who is also natural, but not Tonya. She goes to salon every two weeks. As in, she’s the laziest natural I have ever come across. I doubt she even knows how to pin her hair. Anyway, that is not the point. The point of this diary entry is the gossip I want to write down.

My friend, being of the Yoruba tribe, sits in this favourite salon of hers, to make flat twists on both sides of her hair, with twists in the middle. Shortly after, a more matured woman walked in to the salon with a man. She had a friendly demeanour, and was obviously a regular customer, with the way she greeted the stylists, and addressed them all by name. She looked like someone from the eastern part of Nigeria (Igbo tribe). All these, my friend told me.

Later, the stylists, four in total, two working on my friend’s hair, and two on the woman’s hair started gossiping about the woman in Yoruba. They knew my friend understood Yoruba, but they didn’t care. They were basically abusing this much more matured woman, and talking of how she is married, yet in an affair with this other man that followed her to the salon, and how she was in an affair with one other man before this current man. They said things like “wicked woman, deceitful woman, prostitute, wonders will never end” all in Yoruba.

My friend just listened to all their gossip but never commented, when all of a sudden, the woman in question got up, picked her bag, and called the owner of the salon on the phone, right in the presence of the stylists.
To paraphrase what she said “I am calling you just because I respect you. I will never walk into your salon again in my life. Can you imagine that your stylists, right in my presence insulted me in Yoruba, calling me all sorts of names, and talking about my personal life? I admit I don’t understand Yoruba well, but I think I have stayed in Lagos long enough to pick one or two words. I mean, these girls don’t know anything about my marital life or what I am going through, yet they all stand over my head, and pass judgement. I just called to inform you because I have met you personally one or two times, and I think you are a nice person. Goodbye.”

Shut Up
The stylists just stood there flabbergasted, with their mouths opened. It wasn’t until the woman and the man walked out of the door that they ran after her with cries of “Madam, sorry o. No be like that.” but the deed was already done. I mean this woman walked out with her hair looking like that of a mad woman, half done. I guess she couldn’t stand it again.

As for my friend, she was shocked at the drama unfolding in front of her. She said she felt she was watching a movie.

See how people’s staff can just ruin the businesses that took sweat to build. Remember I had an incident of my own with stylists here. Although I admit mine was not as nerve-wrecking as that woman’s own.

Anyway, that is the end of my gossip… For now.

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Sunday, 25 January 2015


Hi Naturalistas
Here is a quick update on my hair as promised.

Summary: When you think of colouring your hair, draw up a plan on how you want to infuse moisture into your hair. Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Why does my Child's Natural Hair Look Dull?

Dull Natural Hair
By DiscoveringNatural

Why does my child's hair look dull?  That was the question a parent asked me, as we were talking about our kids and other mommy-like discussions. This is the issue that some people have encountered and although some might think that the dull look, or lack of shine means the hair is dry, damaged, or unhealthy, this in fact is not always the case.

Let's first be scientific and talk about the difference between shine and sheen.

What are some things you can do to reduce the dullness and increase the shine of the hair?

Cool Rinses

After washing the hair, do a final rinse using cool water. The reason why this works is because when cool water is applied to the hair, it allows the hair cuticle to close, thereby allowing light to bounce better on the hair and causes it to shine. When the hair is rinsed with warm water, it causes the hair shaft to swell which opens the cuticle. Light reflects better on flat surfaces more than textured ones. That is why relaxed hair has that wonderful shine.

Proper Cleansing

If hair has product build up, it will cause it to look dry and dull. Clarifying the hair periodically will help remove product build up in the hair. Minimize the amount of products you put on the hair so that the hair does not need to be clarified too often.

Watch the video below to learn how to clarify the hair:

Conditioner is Your Friend

One of the duties of a great conditioner is to smoothen the hair cuticle. Doing regular deep conditioning session is not only great for moisture retention but also for promoting shine. After washing your child's hair, follow up with a deep conditioning session. When done with the wash process, always use a leave in conditioner.

For more ways to get the hair to shine, watch the video below:

Friday, 23 January 2015

Miss Universe: Natural Hair Glam

Every now and then I like to celebrate women out there who are "breaking the mold" in terms of natural hair. Miss Universe 2015 is right around the corner - actually this Sunday - and this year, there are 2 contestants with natural hair, and they are both African! I was really happy to see that, because some of you know that African women can sometimes be pressured to relax their hair, or wear long, curly weaves in order to be regarded as beautiful. NOT THESE TWO! They are rocking their kinks proudly and showing off their coils in an international pageant!


MISS KENYA, GAYLYNE AYUGI, miss universe 2015

MISS KENYA, GAYLYNE AYUGI, miss universe 2015

miss universe kenya, gaylyne

*All photos from Miss Universe website*

Have a nice weekend!
Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

5 Alternative Products To Try In 2015

Inasmuch as we love our ready-made products, there are times when we need to get out of the box and experiment with other things. Fortunately for us, there are products that are relatively safe for the general health of our hair so it's important to implement them into our regimen every now and then.

1. Henna. 
You're seriously slacking if you haven't used henna for your hair. Henna is everything and then some. It's particularly great for strengthening your strands and improving the general condition of the hair plus you could always add some hibiscus for added color effects.

It's a super moisturizing and detangling product of cow milk that's perfect for natural hair especially for moisture and curl definition. It can be purchased from Indian and grocery stores.

3. Herbal rinses. 
There are a myriad of herbal/tea rinses that are of optimum benefits to natural hair. For example, black/green tea which is awesome for shedding, hibiscus rinse, neem rinse, lemongrass rinse, moringa rinse e.t.c. There's this extra bwhen there are used at the end of wash days.

4. Clays. 
This is something I can't wait to try this year. It encompasses the whole wash day procedure into one.

5. Ayurvedic powders 
These powders are the currently one of the best things to happen to natural hair. Please don't miss out on all its goodness.

What other products are you planning to try out this year ?

Love, kinks and knots.

IG: ebun_oluwole

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Stress Bumps and avoiding Traction-alopecia

Hello Naturalistas,

I recently (Monday lastweek to be exact) put my hair in a 'protective style' which between is not exactly protective because its doing more harm to my hair than good but that's talk for another day. With the usual culture of these hair stylist of pulling your hair toooo tight mine wasn't an exception. I noticed the stress bumps not at the front of my hair but at the back, which started itching after a couple of days, it's not pretty. 

I have since learnt that this is the early signs of Traction alopecia (I am not even sure I know how to pronounce it right) but lets forget the big big grammer... 

...Hair loss
Na from clap.....
So, What is Traction Alopecia? its a type of hair loss that results when tension is applied to hair for a prolonged period of time. Traction alopecia is caused by cosmetic hair stress. Styles that frequently pull the hair back tightly in one direction, such as braids, twists, locs, weaves, and cornrows, are the most common traction alopecia instigators. Hair accessories like headbands are also major traction alopecia culprits. Chemical relaxer products and excessive heat use can also encourage traction alopecia. Individuals who frequently part their hair in the same orientation can also trigger a widening of the part which is related to traction alopecia.

....He dey enter dance! 

Early signs start with the formation of tiny stress bumps on the scalp/right around the edges. Scalp irritation and mild swelling.

What to do to avoid it? 

Stop going to the salon -____- Those people are not nice haba. Or if you can afford it go to all these new natural hair salons, the only one I can vouch for is Onaturals. Atleast you know they understand the implication of pulling your hair on too tight and they won't complain over your hair through out for your hair being 'virgin hair'.

Also, when you are styling yourself in the bit to get that all sleek hairstyle avoid pulling your hair on too tight, it's not a one time thing but when you keep doing it over time your hair starts thinning out.

If you hair has started thinning... All hope is not lost...
Over the week, I have been moisturising the back of my head and also using olive oil which has reduced the itching.
You can also go through our archives for how to regrow your edges 

Remember, Na from clap he dey enter dance. ;)

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Honey Hair Treatment for Optimum Natural Hair Moisturisation.

  Happy Tuesday Ladies!In my ever continuing battle to find remedies to effectively combat excessive dryness in my Natural Hair,I tried this Honey and Olive Oil Treatment before putting my hair in a Long Term Protective Style so that I can be free to focus on other things.
  This Treatment left my hair soft and moisturised and it was just too good not to share with you!
  Enjoy Ladies and have a Happy and Blessed Tuesday!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 85

Wow, I have good news. I got a call from the company today, i.e. the company where water therapy disgraced me, when I had the opportunity to make an ally, using my natural hair skills. Although the call was not to inform me that I had gotten the job, but that I should come for the final stage of interview, in which the MD would be present.

I am always a bit wary about jobs where we have to meet the MDs of companies to get employed. It always comes across to me like they don’t have good recruitment policies with which the MD can trust the process and controls, or the MD is a micromanager, or just plain jobless. Anyway, I need a job now, so I will pity them, and not use this weakness against them, lol. Off to think of what hairstyle to do for the final interview. There is no use covering my hair up, when I know I will be letting my hair out if I finally get to work for them.

Also, I think I am getting tired of my braids. Plus by the time the interview is here, my braids will be really rough and old. The interview is in three weeks’ time. I guess that’s when the MD will be around. I mean, I had even forgotten about that company. It took so long for them to call me back that I had already assumed I had no chance with them.

I really have mixed feelings about the company. Dimeji is happy about it, and really wants me to work with them. He says I have a good chance with them, and joblessness is not really suitable for my kind of person. I just think it’s a nice way of him saying I am driving him nuts, and getting a job will make sure he doesn’t have to deal with my craze and wild imaginations.

Anyway, so I am wondering what to do to my hair for this interview. I really really want to wear my hair out. I also don’t want to do the usual boring natural hairstyles like twists. I want something that says, “Yes it is natural, but still beautiful. It is not flamboyant, but still classy, and at the same time, corporate.”

Bantu knot out is my most failed hairstyle, so I don’t want to risk it, and find out that morning that it is a massive failure.

Bantu knots always reminds me of my grandmother when she was about 58. I’m not doing it.

Twists are just boooorrring. Without accessories, it is too simple to make the impression I want it to make

Afro is just too wild for me this time around. The MD might just think I will start a revolution in his company, and bans me before he has the chance to hear me out.

Shall Not Pass
Roll tuck and pin might come out looking really good, or might make me look like SU, which I am not.

Packing my hair in pineapple style? No!!! Someone might just ask the usual stupid question “when are you getting your hair done?”

So what to do oooo??? For now, I am still thinking. I am sure that when the time is really near, a nice idea will pop into my head.

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Hair Flowers, Accessories, Afro Combs, etc, now available

Yaayyy! Believe it or not, we now have some brand new goodies for sale on the African Naturalistas product store. It was an opportunity we got, so sadly enough, unlike the hair products, they won't be available forever.

So in addition to our hair products, we now have beautiful
Hair flowers
Gypsy hair flowers\
Hair Bows
Hair accessories
Afro combs
Wide-Tooth detangling combs
for sale on the African Naturalistas product store.

As I said earlier, they won't be available for long, so order yours now. Just click here, and place your order.

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Sunday, 18 January 2015

Happy new hair

Hi Naturalistas
I know a lot of people have decided to embark on a hair journey this year.
I decided to share on my journey - how I grew out my TWA, which seems to be a concern for most people looking to start. I hope it helps.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Doing Hot Oil Treatments for Dry Natural Hair

Doing Hot Oil Treatments for Dry Natural Hair

Harmattan season is here, and along with it comes dry and brittle hair. With a consistent hot oil treatment routine, you can avoid the issues of dry and brittle hair.

When doing hot oil treatments, it is important to choose oils that penetrate the hair shaft.  Some of these oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Avocado Oil.  One or more of these oils will be the base of your hot oil treatment concoction. You can decide to mix other oils or just use the ones listed above. Click here to read about different oils and their benefits. When I make my hot oil treatments, I use:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil and Sweet Almond Oil

There are two ways  that you can do a hot oil treatment:
  • Heated
When you do the heated method, you can apply the oil to either dry or damp hair.  Saturate the hair with your oil mixture, paying close attention to the ends and the scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer or steamer for 15-30 minutes.
Doing Hot Oil Treatments for Dry Natural Hair

  • Non-Heated:
When doing a non-heated method, preheat your oil, by placing your oil mixture in a bowl of hot water. Do not directly heat the oil in the microwave or on the stove. Wet your hair with warm water to open the hair cuticles, then apply the oil to your hair, paying close attention to the ends and the scalp. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and a warm towel for about an hour.

When done with the treatment, make sure to shampoo your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo. This will prevent stripping off the oils. You can also co-wash if you choose.

Do you do hot oil treatments? What oils do you use?

Friday, 16 January 2015

Natural Hair Style: Faux Bun - 2 Ways

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in last week's post, one of my hair goals for the year is to do more protective styling on loose natural hair. Usually, my go-to natural hair styles are a bun or Grecian halo/twist/crown (whichever you call it). But over the weekend, I decided to jazz up my bun a little bit. I had seen the style on a lot of people, but it never occurred to me to try it myself. Since I had downtime, I went on Youtube, watched a couple of tutorials, and here are my results.
natural hair styles, natural hair, marley hair, natural hair bun, faux bun, natural hair tutorial

natural hair styles, natural hair, marley hair, natural hair bun, faux bun, natural hair tutorial

I used 1 pack of Femi Afro Braid, but you can use any Marley hair or kinky hair you have. As shown, all you need is the hair, bobby pins and a couple of hair bands.
  • STEP 1: Pull your hair into a bun
  • STEP 2: Pull the extensions through a hair band, so that the hair band is in the middle.
  • STEP 3: Using the hair band that has the extensions, attach them to your bun.
  • STEP 4: Wrap the extensions around your bun as desired and pin in place. 
For the second hairstyle, I decided to leave out some of my own hair in front and tucked it in. What do you think? 

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Finghair Tips Thursday: Porosity

How I Manage My Natural Hair During Harmattan


The Harmattan season is upon us and it's not very pretty especially on our hair - both natural and relaxed.

For some reasons, it totally skipped my mind to tuck my hair in a protective style. Then again, I didn't think the Harmattan would be this intense and I also wanted to learn how to manage my hair. It's more or less a totally new experience but in the last few weeks - so far - I think gotten a hand of it. I've been able to tweak my regimen to suit the period.

Some of which include;

1. Moisturize and seal with a heavy butter.
Usually, I don't seal with heavy butters except on wash days but right now, it's a daily thing. I moisturize with my hair spritz and seal with my whipped shea butter. Anything other than that - in my opinion - is pointless. You need something to help retain moisturise for a longer time. And if you think it would lead to build-up, just clarify more frequently.

2. Co-wash more regularly. This is a no brainer really. Sometimes, the hair spritz isn't just enough. I try to co-wash and in the process, leave some conditioner in my hair before moisturizing. That way I can maximise all of the moisture.

3. Oil Rinsing.
I started this even before the harmattan season and I noticed that it really helped retain moisture plus my hair was softer and shinier so, while thinking over techniques to implement, this came out tops.

4. Moisture-intensive deep conditioning. The weather is absorbing all of the moisture, you need to do all it takes to replace it. Right now, I'm deep conditioning my hair mostly with moisture-intensive conditioners - again, to add moisture.
Dry hair = Breakage.

5. Satin Bonnet.
When I'm not going anywhere, I wear my satin bonnet all day. When I'm out, I wear satin scarves. I don't leave my hair out for any reason. Satin bonnets helps retain moisture even during the day.

If everything else fails, protective styling is the next best thing.

How do y'all manage your hair during the Harmattan season?

Love, kinks and knots

IG: ebun_oluwole

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

¨Help! my hair is not growing¨ | Facts about Hair growth

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you doing? How are you protecting your hair? My hair is in a protective style now. Anyways on to the business of today. Alot of my new natural friends always complain that their hair is not growing and this is a very very common thing I hear alot. I decided to address it today.

1 Year 8 months
First to burst your bubble, Your hair is actually growing. On average a person grows about 1/2 inch or 1.25cm of hair each month. There are 3 phases to hair growth; 

Anagen Phase- new hair grows, this phase usually last from 3-5 years but can be longer for some people. When you see individuals with extremely long hair they probably have a longer than average anagen phase. About 90% of hair is in this phase at one time.

Catagen phase-the hair begins to transition into a rest phase, it is the end of the growth phase. About 1% of hair is in this phase at one time. This is the shortest phase and usually only last a couple of weeks.
Telogen phase the hair is no longer growing and eventually sheds. About 10% of hair is in this phase at a time; it typically lasts 3-6 months. So, shedding isn't entirely a bad thing. 

However, We have some bad habits that doesn't help this growth process. 

Dirty Scalp; We forget that our scalp is an extension of our skin, imagine what happens when you don't wash your face for 2 weeks -___- Yet, we have product build up and still don't wash and condition our hair sometimes for over 2 weeks. Yikes! I think our hair needs to be washed atleast every week. 

Dry hair; Lack of moisture cause hair to be brittle and its prone to breakage and when your hair is breaking at a faster rate then its growing? 

Lack of Exercise & Malnutrition; I know you are not skinny and your bones are not showing (Well atleast that is the image in my head when I hear that) but not eating the right kind of nutrients is making you malnourished. Drinking alot of water helps your hair and engaging in exercise also. 

Let. it. Breathe; Not every time protective style or hand-in-hair, sometimes just let the hair be.

Over processing; Dying, applying heat... the whole works. Do your research and find out what works for your hair so you are not doing trial and error that will damage your hair. 

I really hope this answers your hair growth questions and will help us to better take care of our hair so that we can be like 'Long hair don't care' in the next year :D 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Using Ghee as a Natural Hair Detangler!

  A very Happy Tuesday to all you Beautiful Ladies!In today's video,I want to share with you a traditional Ethiopian Hair Treatment using Ghee!Ghee is a clarified butter than can usually be found in Indian Stores or even in regular Supermarkets.It is believed to have properties that help to soften but at the same time strengthen hair.
  I used it mostly in part because I heard that it makes an excellent detangler and as a Natural,it never hurts to discover yet another good detangler to your regimen.
  Enjoy the video Ladies and have a very Blessed Tuesday! 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 84

Guys can be clueless at times. Sometimes, they unknowingly do some things that hurt their partners. There’s this girl who works a building away from Dimeji, and a close friend of his. In fact, they have been close for a long time, before we even started dating. I am convinced that this girl absolutely likes him, but he doesn’t agree. I think he has wilful blindness, and that the girl is sneaky. In my opinion, she has liked him long before he met me, and she still likes him now. She is skinny, with beautiful natural hair, though she is on weaves and extensions most times.

They don’t hang out or anything like that, but I can confidently say that they chat a lot. She likes taking pictures with him when she gets the opportunity to be with him in person. She would then upload the picture on her Instagram account, and make it her twitter header. I mean, who does that? When people now ask in the comment section that ‘Is that the lucky guy?’ meaning, is Dimeji her boyfriend? She would ignore them. Of course, Dimeji didn’t see all these pictures. I snooped this out, and showed it to him.

“Are you serious, you actually found this out?” He asked.

“Yes, I saw something on your TL between you and her. One link led to another, and I eventually saw all these.”

“Anna, you have time o. You are the real private investigator.” He smiled.

I eyed him.

“Let me ask you. Are you jealous?” He winked.

“No, I am not jealous. I just think this girl really likes you, and you should be careful.”

“There’s nothing going on.”

“I know. Just don’t lead her on, or encourage her. Does she even know you have a girlfriend?”

“She does, though we don’t talk about it.”

“You see? This girl is sneaky. She knows you are in a relationship, yet she puts pictures of both of you all over the place, and tweets about how she loves the fact that you were there for her all through 2014. How inconsiderate."

“Annnaaaa, it was just a tweet.” He exclaimed.

“No,no, no. It wasn’t just a tweet, Dimeji.” I shook my head with all assurance


I immediately paused, and asked myself if I wasn’t overreacting. After a nanosecond, I concluded that I wasn’t.

“Okay, I’m sorry.” He apologised, with all sincerity.

His apology melted me on the spot, such that I choked on the next statement that was about to fly through my lips.

“No problem,” I said. “Just know I am uncomfortable with this whole Ranti business, and I think boundaries should be set.”

So did I do the right thing, in making my request, or did I overreact?

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Sunday, 11 January 2015

What's in your 'hair robe' this season?

Hi Naturalistas
I posted a video about some things you might find handy for the winter season. Check on it

Do you have anything you consider essential for you this season? Let's hear
Don't forget to go to and subscribe for more videos

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