Monday, 2 May 2016

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 152

After reading reviews about the benefits of clays, and their goodness when it comes to clarifying hair and scalp, I decided to give it a try this weekend. This diary is a testament to the fact that I eased up on my DIY experimental ways in the past couple of months. I hope I don’t end up picking it back up as many of them have a way of going south for me.

Anyway, I bought the much raved about bentonite clay, and followed the instruction. I created a mask out of it, and used plastic bowl and spoon to mix it. At first, it was too thick as the water wasn’t enough. I added more water and it was alright.

I used the mask all over my hair, and became amazed when my hair was almost bone straight. I had never seen my hair that’s straight before, and it was a pretty strange sight. According to instructions, I proceeded to the bathroom 20 minutes later to wash “thoroughly” or so I believed. It was squeaky clean, and I noticed my curl pop a bit.

I dried my hair with an old cotton T-shirt, and later air-dried tit for another 4 hours, while doing other chores. It was when I was about to leave-in conditioner and moisturiser on my hair that Dimeji came knocking at my door. So I abandoned all hair care duties to attend to the love of my life. In the course of our gisting, I noticed he started looking at my head with that usual strange look in his eyes.

“Anna, have you started growing grey hair?”

“No, why?” I countered.

“So why do you have greys around your side edges on the left and right?” He asked.

“What greys?” I asked confused, so I went to my room, and took a portable hand mirror to the living room where Dimeji was waiting, and started looking for what he had seen.

“Can you see it now?” He asked, without giving me enough time to observe carefully.

“Yes, my oga.” I teased, as I noticed brownish white patches at my temples. It’s the residue from the bentonite clay I used to wash my hair.”

“Another thing? Okay o. So will you wash it off or what?”

“Another wash? After all I went through washing it off in the first place? No o. I will just dust it off.”

“Okay then”

So I proceeded to ‘dust it off’. Lo and behold, the strands in the tiny affected area were as hard as rock, so I started peeling it off. Not only did the clay go off, the hair went off with it.

I was alarmed when I noticed what happened, as Dimeji was looking in amusement. So I gave myself brain, and ran to the bathroom to rinse the remaining off instead of peeling them. While rinsing, all the hair strands in that area broke off. What??? I opened my mouth in more shock than before.

Arsenio Hall
Though it wasn’t massive, it was still painful that I lost hair I had no business losing, due to improperly washed off clay. Dimeji finally saw and understood what happened, and was laughing at me throughout.

Once again, I have reached the conclusion that maybe this DIY experimental routines are really not for me.

African Naturalistas Hall of Fame - April 2016

Hello Ladies. How was the month of April for us all? For those of us on this side of earth, hope you are enjoying your public holiday. We say a big thank you to everyone who was here to read, comment and interact throughout last month. The interaction makes us feel like family.

And with this, we are taking time to mention and give a special shout out to the five people below who made it tops to the African Naturalistas Hall of Fame.

Thank you Tonkabelle, Ebun Esther, Chidiebere, Francisca Omoja, and Idy Ekanem

We enjoyed your presence and numerous comments and suggestions on the blog throughout the month of April. You made us laugh, think, and reflect. Our blog is far better because of your presence on it.

And with that said, we all at African Naturalistas stand up, hold our heads high, raise our hands as we applaud our African Naturalistas Hall of Fame Star for the month of April

Meryl Streep hell yes
Hearty congratulations to you Francisca Omoja. We attest to your consistency, and we really appreciate your presence. Here's your official badge. You can upload it on all your social media platforms, blog, and even as a blog widget.

You have won the bragging rights for a whole month, and African Naturalistas Shampoo and Conditioner. Please send your delivery address and phone number to

And that's it for the month of April. It was really a battle of the fittest. Only you determines who appears on the African Naturalistas Hall of Fame for the month of May. Remember the rating drops and increases everyday, and you can be the star of next month's African Naturalistas Hall of Fame.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

DIY LOUNGE - homemade Avocado oil

Uses of Avocado oil for natural hair
- to moisturize damaged hair
- helps hair growth.
- as pre- poo treatment.
- to enhance a moisturizing product.
- for scalp massage.

.9 avocado pears
.olive oil
. coconut milk


 Using a knife, cut your avocados into two equal parts.

 Remove the seeds from the fruit.

 Scoop the flesh from the avocado skin, into the blender.
 Add the olive oil, coconut milk  and blend.

 Blend till smooth and without lumps.
method 1
Spread the pulp on a tray and leave to dry in the sun for 2 to 3 days . 

method 2
Pour your into a pot and leave to cook on medium heat for about 4 hours.(make sure you stir every 5 minutes).
 Spread the cheese clothe over a big bowl and then dump your paste on it.

 Wrap the clothe around the paste and squeeze.
 pour into a clean jar and its ready for use.

points to note
 . to get a reasonable amount of oil, you would need 8 to 9 fruits.

Your questions and feedback
Are highly appreciated
See you in the comment

Saturday, 30 April 2016

How To Make Natural Hair Thicker

How To Make Natural Hair Thicker African Naturalistas

Are you struggling with thinning hair? There are several reasons why your hair could be thinning. These reasons could be genetics, aging, over manipulation, stress, bad nutrition, bad hair care, and in most cases hairstyles. For children, when they are infants, their hair might not be as thick as you will think it should be. This is okay. However, if you notice that the hair is not thickening up, you might want to give some of these methods a try.

 Note that some methods such as black tea rinses should not be done on infants due to the caffeine content in the tea.

Click here or watch below

Friday, 29 April 2016

Top 4 Things To Keep You Motivated on Your Hair Journey

Hi ladies, Happy Friday!

We all get to that point where we don't really see the point of what we are doing, spending so much time and resources on our hair. Other times it just becomes so routine and boring that there is no spark to keep us motivated. Other times we are just plain lazy.

Here are four things to do to give you that kick again.

1. Buy a new product
 You don't have to buy a whole bunch. Just buy one item which is essential to your regimen that will motivate you. I'm a sucker for leave-ins and deep conditioners. So i'm more excited about wash day or moisturising when I have something new to try out. For the product junkies out there, incorporate a buy-to-replace scheme. Once your conditioner or oil is finished, get the new one. And who doesn't love playing with a new product everyone is raving about.

My s-curl moisturiser is my latest buy and keeps me wanting to moisturise my hair

2. Set a new goal
If you have achieved your length goal, aim for the next. Currently at shoulder length? Shoot for armpit length Currently at armpit length, what's the harm in bra strap length? You can expand this to different goals such as thickness, moisture levels, reduced shedding, get the ultimate braid out! Try a new  protective style! Aim for more than just the run-of-the mill goals and you will see how much more fun this journey can become. It is also helpful to look at pictures of what you aim to achieve hair-wise. When you look at where you are and the picture of where you want to be, that constant visual serves as a reminder to keep you on the right track
@igbocurls' hair is bae!!

3. Join challenges
Challenges are the ultimate in motivation because they keep you consistent and accountable. They also tie in to point number 2 above. When you have a goal in mind, you are ready to do whatever it takes to reach it, and this breathes more motivation into your hair-life. They can be length retention challenges, hair styling challenges, health challenges. And in the end you would have stayed on the band wagon and benefited your hair at the same time!
@nae2curly gives me styling goals! Is that inspiring or is that inspiring??!

4. Keep pictures of previous length and health checks
Sometimes we just need a reminder of how far we have come. Progress can be measured in terms of thickness, lustre and shine, softness, and length. Perhaps last year your hair was dull looking, and now your hair is has a deep sheen. Look back and remember, then continue with the good work.

It's a journey ladies, a real marathon. Healthy hair is what we love because our hair is our crowning glory. Let's get back to getting that glorious mane we desire. All it takes is the vision, motivation and action on your part. You are the only thing keeping your hair from being #goals. Now go and hair-sin no more!

Why I chose to go Natural

Going off of the previous two posts here and here, I thought it would be interesting to share why I went natural, and also to hear why YOU decided to choose natural hair.

This year marks my 10th year of going without relaxers. When I used to relax my hair, I wasn't taking good care of it. I didn't know the beginning of what a healthy hair care regimen was. My hair suffered and was quite choppy. My cousin and a friend both had natural hair and I thought to myself, "Maybe if I go natural, my hair will stop breaking and grow."

Unbeknownst to me, I had a lot of learning to do in order to have long natural hair.

So that's my story.

What's your story? What made you decide to stick with your natural hair?

Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Finghair Tips Thursday: Big Chop

Here's What 3 Nigerian Celebrities Think About Their Natural Hair

Hello everyone!

During my blog rounds last week, I stumbled on an insightful Punch article on Nigerian women's new love affair for natural hair. Of course, the headline alone was a perfect click-bait that piqued my curiosity. Given the bashing and backlash the natural hair community is fond of receiving, it was interesting to hear from a refreshing point of view.

The writer took time out to get the views and opinions of different women from different works of life. From the working class ladies to the celebrities, a cosmetologist to the business woman who stock hair extensions and relaxers. The men weren't left out either.

The most interesting aspects were that of the celebrities and the men, of course. It was great to see that natural hair is more than a fad but a conscious lifestyle decision they have taken. Apparently, quite a number of them have dumped their extensions for their natural hair which is why I decided to take time out to showcase them in my ongoing celebrity specials. You can catch up on previous posts here.

SO, here's why Monalisa Chinda isn't going back to relaxers:

“I don’t go to the salon, I do home service. Because I make my hair once a month, it takes about five hours. Now that I only wear my natural hair, it has been reduced to two hours. It is because my hair started wearing out because of too much relaxer, I needed to let my hair breathe. Honestly, ever since I started wearing my natural hair, I have decided not to go back to perming.” 
Omoni Oboli, on her identity and natural hair:

 “It brings out my natural beauty better. I have been carrying my natural hair for two years now. I don’t think relaxer is for me again. I will likely not relax my hair again. I like my hair the way it is now; I don’t see myself changing it anytime soon. Maintaining it is not an easy process though. It likes a lot of moisture. I use different kinds of oil like coconut oil and castor oil. I also use live-in conditioner. I take care of my hair myself, I don’t have to go to the salon. I will never get tired of taking care of my hair.”

Upcoming actress, Omo Iyasara, on her love for the natural hair trend:

“I love my natural hair. I have started grooming my natural hair. At the moment, I am technically at ‘war’ with salons. I wear wigs for now while I still groom the hair.

It's interesting to see the various reasons they choose to wear their natural hair. Which goes to say that, everyone is free to make personal decisions. If you're feeling particularly trendy, then go for it! Hopefully, overtime we get to the point where we realize that for most of us, it is a lifestyle.

Love, coils and curls

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

'Being Natural helps you lead a Positive and Healthy Life' Mane Matters with Tess

Hi Naturalistas,

Meet Tess
Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
I am Amaka Tess Ozoh.  I am an Accountant, a budding fashion entrepreneur and of course an unapologetic naturalista …Lol.

What are your thoughts about natural hair?
Natural hair to me isn’t just about putting a stop to the use of hair relaxers and texturizers, it’s a personality transformation. It has a whole lot to do with the way you treat your body too.  Returning natural helps you lead a positive and healthy life. Most importantly, it teaches you patience.

When/why did you decide to go natural?
I had my last relaxer in June, 2014. I had always been a big fan of nature. I longed to return natural but I didn’t have the slightest clue on how to care and manage it here in Nigeria until I stumbled on ‘Natural Hair Babes’ and subsequently ‘The Kinky and Curly Lounge’ pages on Facebook. They were practically the long awaited answers to my prayers.

Did you do a BC or you transitioned?
I transitioned for 9months; I had my big chop on 9th Feb 2015.

What was the experience like?
My transitioning days was euphoric because this is what I had always wanted but tough at the same time because as my mane was growing, I noticed that I had to drop some of my treasured products like pure honey and coconut oil because it gives life and lustre to my hair tips (the relaxed part) and hardens my roots (undergrowth).

What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?
My biggest fear was how to care and manage my hair using readily available products from the Nigerian market.

Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?
I have a very simple regimen; I run water through my hair everyday as I have my bath (LCO), Cowash once every 2 weeks, DC every 3-4weeks, shamwash monthly.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?
No emotional struggles, none at all.

Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?
I am in this journey for Life. But come to think of it… if not, why not… smiles.

There are people that definitely have negative comments about you hair, how do you deal with that?
I have long developed a thick skin for those negative comments. I recall last year during my elder sister’s wedding, I was the Maid of Honour and everyone expected I would fix my hair but I declined. I put my hair in a cinnabun and showed up at the hotel room (bride’s dressing room), both the bride and her maids almost had a heart attack asking why I didn’t fix my hair, I told them I was a naturalista and that I had my hair done already. By the time we were all done with dressing and all, my hair stood out stealing the show…Lol. Besides, I carry it with charisma that you would hardly have negative remarks to make about it.

What's your must have product and accessory?
My Must-have products are Olive oil, castor oil, tea tree / silver bird oil and of course my conditioner. These are Bae!

What is your go-to style?
My go-to styles are Twists, Puff and Bun.

What advice do you have for anyone just going natural?
My advice to you as a newbie naturalista:
1)   Know your hair type and porosity, this will help you to know what to put and what not to put in your hair. Also, remember we are  different and so is our hair, so what works for Miss A may be a No No for you.
2)      You got to grow a thick skin because some people will say derogatory stuff to your hair but don’t worry sweetheart your hair is beautiful and so are you.

3)      Most importantly, you need to drink a large dose of Patience, patience and more patience.

4)      You are Stellar! Don’t ever forget that, hun.

Where can we find you? Your social media platforms…
You can find me on Facebook : Amaka Tess Ozoh, Twitter: @AmakaTess ,  Instagram: @natural_tess

Thank you for your time
Thanks  for having me.

Till then

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Wash and Go using Cantu Shine and Define Custard.

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! It is getting warmer around this party of the world and I have decided to re-visit the Wash and Go for this Summer! I will be using Cantu Coconut Curling Cream, some Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and some Cantu Shine and Define Custard to achieve these well defined results:

  Enjoy the video Ladies and make this Day Great!

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