Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Flaxseed Natural Hair Gel D.I.Y!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies! I finally decided t make some FlaxSeed Gel. This has been a trend for the longest time in the Natural Hair Community.
  Flaxseeds are packed with goodness for your hair in the form of nutrients like Protein, Calcium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and Omega 3 Fatty Acids which are beneficial to the growth of strong and healthy hair. Consuming these seeds is highly beneficial for your skin and hair, however using it topically in the form of a Natural hair Gel is just as good.
  The Omega 3 fatty acids in Flaxseeds are extremely nurturing for our hair follicles and increasing the elasticity of hair fibres.This causes hair to be stronger and less vulnerable to breakage.
  Omega 3 fatty acids are also known to have great anti-inflammatory properties,which make these seeds highly beneficial in reducing inflammation caused in various scalp conditions like dandruff and itchy scalp.
  My first time experience making and using Flaxseed Gel was surprising in a really good way!I did not actually expect to have such amazing results!The Gel left my hair feeling soft,while providing excellent hold and my hair literally gleamed!This rivals any commercial gel if you ask me!Also a little goes a long way so only a small amount is enough.

  Enjoy the video Ladies!


Saturday, 25 March 2017

Protein Overload and Moisture Overload in Natural Hair

Breakage can be caused by Moisture Overload (Over-Moisturized) and Protein Overload on Natural Hair. Find out the Signs of Protein Overload and Signs of Moisture Overload and how to reduce breakage and fix protein overload in hair and moisture overload. 

When your natural hair routine is does not have a moisture-protein balance, you have a tendency to experience Moisture Overload or OverConditioned hair, or Over Moisturized hair or hair experiencing Hygral Fatigue. On the flip side, you can also encounter Protein Overload. When these components are not balanced in your hair, you can have breakage, loss hair elasticity and eventually hair loss. It can also affect your hair growth.


If you like this blog post written by Sola of DiscoveringNatural, you can find her on her Youtube channel, DiscoveringNatural,  for more natural hair tips. Click here to visit her channel.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How To Prepoo Your Natural Hair With Aloe Vera Gel.

During the course of the month, we shared Naptural85's viral video on prepooing with aloe vera gel on our social media platforms and it occurred to us that some of our blog readers who don't follow us on social media (why don't you, though? We're @africanaturalistas across social media) might not have seen the video so we thought we should share it here too.

Personally, when I watched it, I tried it afterward and it gave me fantastic results as seen on my Instagram page. I didn't leave it overnight like Whitney (Naptural85) did but I ensured I had it on for ample time.

So, I just prepooed with #aloeveragel @naptural85 style and I can't believe I haven't tried this before now especially since I have two large pots of Aloe Vera. 😱😱Scroll down her page to see how she did hers. __________ All you need to do is open up one large aloe vera plant (one is usually enough for your entire head) and rub it straight on your hair starting from your roots of course. After the first set of gel has gone, continue to rub aggressively until you have used up the entire gel in that section. Don't forget to massage your scalp along. ___________ She accompanied hers with olive oil but I realized when I was done that I didn't need to use oil as the aloe vera was sufficient. 💯 The results? Yummy moisturized hair. I should do this regularly. ____________ This is particularly great if you have just taken down a protective style. Plus aloe vera has enough slip for detangling. When you're done, wear a shower cap and leave for a while and then wash out!
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What did I do?


I washed and opened up one big aloe vera plant (one is enough to round your head) and rubbed the gel directly on my hair starting from my roots up to my ends until I went round. So, I worked in sections and tried to massage along to stimulate my scalp. It was such a soothing experience. I can't believe I haven't been doing this before especially since I have two large pots of Aloe Vera at home. This will definitely be a regular thing. So, if you think your hair needs a quick moisture fix , you should definitely try this and leave it on overnight.

The best thing about this is that it works for all hair textures. You should try it except you can't stand aloe vera or you're allergic to it or something.

Watch the video below.

Aloe Vera Gel is great for detangling, treating dandruff, improved moisture retention and it's beneficial to the general health of your scalp.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

3 Tools That Add Moisture to Natural Hair

Hi Naturalistas

Moisturising natural hair is always a major concern for anyone who decides to go natural. You will understand why we are always looking for the best products or hair care practices that will help retain hair moisture. But while we mainly focus on these, there are a few hair tools you can use that add moisture to your natural hair.

1.  Thermal Conditioning Caps – Deep conditioning revives dry thirsty hair and gives it that much needed restoration. When using heat you are likely to have better results because the conditioner can better penetrate the hair. It is definitely a great product to have when you need extra moisture.

2.  Plastic Caps –  These a great for deep conditioning sessions and those who like to baggy their hair overnight. They help keep things from getting too messy and also aid in helping to create a greenhouse effect on your hair.

3.  Steamer – Well, if a thermal cap is definitely a great buy for your hair regimen, then a hair steamer may be the ultimate buy. A hair steamer uses water to produce steam, these tiny water droplets will penetrate deeply into the hair and keep it moisturised for longer. You can use it for your deep conditioning sessions, hot oil treatments or even your pre-poos. 

The only downside to using hair steamer is than they are more expensive that all the other tools I mentioned so far and therefore represent an investment on your part. However, the benefits you get from it far exceed any expense you have with this purchase.


Enjoy the rest of the week.


Monday, 20 March 2017

Who rocked the style best? Puffs

Puffs are very simple to achieve, and its simpleness means it's not a style many people will go for if they are looking for something flamboyant, and that is why we may not see many natural hair celebrities wear this on the red carpet.

We have featured four celebrities in puffs. Who would you say wore this simple style best, and why? Remember you can only pick one. We would also like to know the reason for your pick. You can click the picture to enlarge it, in case you want to see the intricate details of the hair styles.

So who rocked this style best?

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Quick Natural Hair Kids Hairstyle: Zig Zag Cornrows with Beads

This hairstyle is very simple but has intricate designs. The video below shows how to section the hair and cornrow the style. The cornrows end with rope twists and beads. The video demonstrate two ways to install beds to the ends of the hair.


Friday, 17 March 2017

Braid Out on Natural Hair

We saw a video yesterday from Chizi Duru, and I'm about to share yet another video from her. Let me tell you why I like her videos. First of all, her hair texture looks like mine. It's very important that when you watch Youtube videos for hair tutorials, you're following people with similar hair texture to yours. Secondly, I like that her styles are not complicated at all. Don't you get a little sad and irritated when you watch videos with techniques that just fly by you? Thirdly, I like that her videos are short and straight to the point. Ain't nobody got time for loooooooooooooooooooooooong videos.

With that being said, check out her video on how to do a braid out on natural hair.

Similar products that you can use are our AN Leave-In Conditioner, our AN Gel, and any of our Oils. Check the African Naturalistas Store now and pick out your products!

Have a great weekend!
Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Finghair Tips Thursday: Science

4 Ways To Style Your Natural Hair With Hats

Hello everyone!

One of the amazing ways to style your natural hair is to wear a hat, beanie, fedora or any kind of head gear. Especially when you can seem to come up with something and you're running really late or it's simply a bad hair day. You just throw on a hat and tuck your hair in and voila! you're ready to go.

Granted, you can't wear a hat to just anywhere but that doesn't undermine it's functionality and style. Plus, hats serve as a great protection from the elements expecially if you're going to be outdoor for a long time.

In this video, natural hair vlogger Chizduru is sharing 4 different hairstyles to try out if you’re wearing a hat! 

Will you be trying any of these styles soon? 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Natural Hair Detox using Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner.

  Happy Tuesday Ladies!As naturals, we often find that our hair is prone to product build up. Once in a while, its a good idea to give your hair a little bit of a Detox.
  Of late, Activated Charcoal has been all the rage in Skin and Hair Care. Activated Charcoal has the ability to draw out impurities from the skin as well as absorb oils. This makes it an ideal cleansing agent to leave your scalp clean and free from anything that could cause your pores not to freely grow out healthy hair.
   I used Charcoal and Citrus Oil Detoxifying Shampoo by Hair Chemist Limited. This shampoo fights clogged pores by absorbing excess oils, dirt and grime that cause build up. I followed my shampoo with Bamboo Charcoal Detoxifying Conditioner. It contains Ginkgo Biloba and Green Tea. In addition to further removing Dirt and impurities, this Conditioner also helps to detangle hair while gently moisturizing the hair and adding body to it.
  Just remember when doing a Natural Hair Detox, please do not over do it. This is a thorough cleansing and stripping of the scalp so hair can become dry if this is repeated often. When you feel that your hair has been subjected to build up,this treatment will definitely come in handy.

  Enjoy the video Ladies and have a Blissful Day!

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