Tuesday, 9 February 2016

7 Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Natural Hair.

Hello Naturalistas,

I have been in a Hairstyle rut for a while now. This is due to the fact that I am a working-from-home person and I just have my hair in a bonnet for a larger part of the week. There is like no motivation to style the hair.

I recently had a movie premiere to go to and didn't know what to do to my hair, it wasn't so formal and I wanted something inbetween. I found this tutorial and hopefully it is useful for you. What I love about it is, true to the title it is super quick and easy!!

Here is how I styled with one of the styles from the Video;

What my hair looks like under the bonnet for most of the day!

It was super easy!!!

Enjoy your super easy hairstyles!!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 140

I’ve been very moody and melancholic of late. I can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly is wrong. But I am seeing gloom in everything I look at. Maybe that’s what affected the way I was viewing my relationship last week. I’m just not happy. Maybe it’s the whole downward economy saga. Maybe it is because January was generally a slow month, and February hasn’t picked up yet. Even the small sales of my Ankara handcraft that I’ve had by the side, I sold absolutely nothing in January. I’ve been totally idle, we’ve not been very busy at the office. I’m just tired and bored of everything.

As if everything isn’t bad enough, there’s some other guy seriously on my case. He sees me like an angel walking on gold. Dimeji knows absolutely nothing about him, but he knows I have a boyfriend. That doesn’t seem to bother him though, he still thinks he has a chance with me. My fault was that I left a loophole for the guy to get to me, and then it got a bit complicated in my mind.

We met when he came to my place of work for a meeting with Yemisi. And then, he fell in love with my hair, which was in a very calm Mohawk. We exchanged numbers, and then started talking.

This is something I wouldn’t give room for on a normal day, but I felt I needed something to spice up this boring phase of my life. Big mistake!

The guy has just the right things to say. He’s tall and handsome, very financially stable, well-spoken, ready to settle down, a Christian, and worships the ground I walk on. He’s just everything. What kind of problem is this?

Maybe it is even because of him that I started wondering why Dimeji is dragging his feet in proposing. I find myself hiding things from Dimeji lately. I now delete messages and call logs, and lightly cover things up when he’s wondering why my phone has been busy for such a long time. The irony is that Dimeji doesn’t even check my phones, but I just don’t want to give any chance to him finding out about the other guy, even if I’m not cheating on him.

I will admit that I like talking to the guy. I look forward to his calls, though I know I can’t give the guy what he wants because I don’t plan to cheat on Dimeji or leave him.

Paul Rudd
Maybe it’s just a phase, and my desire for companionship with the guy will fizzle out when this phase is over. Or maybe it is just an indication of something missing in my life. I just don’t know. But for now, it is what it is. And I will live with it that way.

Trichology Corner: Principle of Hair Damage

A healthy hair has cuticles scales that are intact, healthy, compact, and flat against the hair shaft. Hair is naturally acidic with a pH level of 4.5 – 5.5.

Factors causing Hair Damage

Chemicals such as relaxers are very alkaline with a pH level of 12 -1 4. This alkaline solution causes the cuticle scales of the hair to raise, and the molecules to enter the cortex and change the pattern of the hair completely. The disulphide bonds are permanently broken.

Apart from hair loss and scalp burns, which are the impact relaxers can have on the scalp, hair breakage is also very common after the use of a relaxer. Hair at the nape of the neck is affected the most because the chemicals are applied there first, and left for the longest time.
The frontal and temporal regions of the hair are the secondary locations of damage because of long exposure to the chemical, and overlapping during the touch up services.

Heat styling can have a similar effect on the actual hair shaft, but it happens slowly and over time, unlike the chemical which immediately changes the pH of the hair, and causes damage to the cuticle. With the excessive and abusive use of heat on a regular basis, slowly the cuticle itself becomes damaged and causes a weakening of the hair shaft, leading to breakage, and also permanently breaks the disulphide bonds over time.

Another common type of cuticle damage is the abraded cuticle, which occurs as a result of tugging and pulling the hair while styling it, especially when wet.

Friction caused by combing and brushing the hair is one way the cuticle can get damaged over time.
Heat styling also causes damage to the hair shaft by causing blisters and fracturing of the hair which can lead to other hair disorders such as trichorrhexis nodosa.

Heat styling can also cause damage to the cortex, and it is possible to melt the cortex. If the dryer is too close to the hair or curling iron is left too long, the hair might not only become brittle, but the cortex will melt. If the cortex is damaged, it means the cuticle has been damaged too. However sometimes, the hair is damaged on the inside, with very little noticeable damage to the cuticle scales. But once the cortex is damaged, eventually the damage on the inside will reflect and manifest on the outside.

With styling, there are some brushes that can pull and stretch the hair till it breaks, leading to abrading of the hair, and loosing of the cuticle cells.

Rubber bands, tight hair and braids, in addition of wrapping rollers too tightly around the hair can also cause hair damage.

N.B: Remember that when it comes to hair care, there's a lot of fact, fiction, myth and reality on the internet. In the event of any confusion, it is advised you see a professional hair care expert.

Atilola Moronfolu (HPT) is a certfied hair care expert and a holistic practitioner of trichology certified and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Mahogany Hair Revolution, Los Angeles, California. To book a hair clinical appointment with Atilola in Lagos Nigeria, send a mail to hairconsult@africanaturalistas.com or call 07061141501.

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

DIY LOUNGE - How to make Palm Kernel Oil - 1

Am still trying to figure out why Palm kernel oil isn't one of the most expensive oils in the market! Jeez, this is by far the most stressful DIY I have ever done. The process is quiet long, so, I would be breaking this post into two parts!

 If you never liked DIYS, if you lazy and if you do not have a single DIY bone in your body, you can STOP reading now and proceed to African naturalista store to get yours..LOL)..

Hammer / stone
Pestle and mortar (lol)
Old pot

Palm fruits

  Pour your Palm fruits into a medium sized pot, add just enough water to cover the Palm fruits and then cook for 20 mins or till it gets soft. Sieve out the water used in cooking

  Pour into a mortar and pound with a pestle,till the skin separates from the kernel.

  Spread the kernel on a tray and leave under the sun to dry.

  Using your hammer, separate the nut from the shell.

We would be stopping here for today, I would really want you guys to try this even though it's kind of stressful! You have 7days to get just 4 steps done and I know you can do it. Please share your progress in the comment section.

NB : drying the nuts takes about a day or two, it depends on the generosity of the sun.

SIDEBAR :   Aurora Jennifer and Oreoluwa Adeyinka  haven't been dropping comments lately, I really hope you guys are okay!

Saturday, 6 February 2016

5 SUPER Easy "1 Minute" Hairstyles for your Natural Hair Kids

By DiscoveringNatural

As parents, we can get so busy that sometimes, we just need a quick hairstyle for our little ones. The best thing about these styles is that even your child can do some of them, as Lil Sis will demonstrate.

Friday, 5 February 2016

How to Counteract the Side Effects of Supplements

Hey ladies! 

Last week I blogged on the after effects of supplements. Today I want to finalise this topic by going through some things that can help counteract the effects of hair, skin and nails pills.

Please note that this is an advisory post not a prescription. If any of the side effects are persistent,  seem more than just a normal reaction, or are worrying you, throw everything that i'm about to say  out of the window and go see your doctor/trichologist as soon as possible.

Natural Hair Kidspiration!

As more and more women make the decision to stop relaxing their hair, they learn better natural hair care practices that they can in turn pass on to their children. We see more mothers forgoing relaxers for their children, and teaching them how to care for their natural hair. You can check out our own Discovering Natural for example.

Anyways, I was very Very VERY excited during the week when I saw some photos of natural hair kids showing off a line of clothes from Ruff 'N' Tumble, a Nigerian brand.

Please note: this is NOT a sponsored post - aren't the kids sooooooooo cool?!?!!?!

Aren't they so cute?!?!? Doesn't it make you want some of your own?!?!?!? If you want to see more lovely photos, check out Ruff N Tumble on their Instagram page.

Have a nice weekend,
Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Finghair Tips Thursday: Hair Rinse

5 Things I've Recently Learnt About My Natural Hair

Hello everyone!

It's a new year which also means it's a new opportunity to reflect on a lot of things and make changes if necessary. This also applies to our lifestyle, particularly our natural hair. Towards the end of last year, I began noticing a few things about my hair and generally learning about these new developments. This made sense because it was my second year which is enough time to have grasp the basic knowledge about my hair. So, I've decided to share a few things.

1. My hair type is 4a.
This is important to me because I had spent the best part apart of my transitioning and first year stages lusting after all sorts of hair types and textures. I needed to understand the simple fact that my hair could never be like my counterparts. I just didn't work like that. It took some getting used to and I'm glad I'm over it. Which means, no matter how grandeur a style is, it doesn't move me if it's not my hair type.

2. My hair is highly porous.
This has it's pros and cons. It means my hair is similar to a sponge. It absorbs any and every product. Problem is, it's not able to retain moisture and dries out easily. I also have to go through a long series of products to find one that works perfectly for my hair type else I'll need to moisturize frequently and I really can't stand dry scalp/hair.

3. It is prone to frizz.
As long as I moisturize daily, protective styles will generally not last. It gets frizzy and unkempt quickly and I really can't trade my moisture for neatness.

4. It doesn't really like combs either.
No, my hair is not a wild forest that breaks combs. I just noticed that it generally thrives without them. After all, I've gone a whole year without using one.

5. It doesn’t tangle easily.
Maybe it's because I'm so good with finger detangling, it almost feels normal. I never have to go through extra lengths or set aside separate products for detangling. During co-wash or any wash for that matter, I only need to apply conditioner generously and it glides easily.

There you have it ladies!

Over to you, have you learnt anything new about your hair recently? Please share.

Love, coils and curls.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

'I had to battle with two textures while transitioning' Mane matters with Elizabeth

Hey Naturalistas

Happy new month. Long time, no feature here.

Meet today's naturalista, Elizabeth


Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

I'm Elizabeth Atulomah, a Law student, Baker, Makeup enthusiast, Beauty blogger, a youtuber and above all a coco angel.

What are your thoughts about natural hair?

Natural hair is so beautiful, its curls and kinky is just perfect, versatile and elastic.

When/why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go back natural in September 2014, but I just relaxed my hair so I let it grow without chemical application before I had my big chop in April 2015. I had two reasons firstly, my hair started depreciating from what it used to be and secondly, my sister's natural hair is amazing and she has so many products, I just had to.

Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

I transitioned from scratch for a few months before I had my chop in April, after my chop I had about 4" natural hair length (without shrinkage).

What was the experience like?

The whole process was a big step and those who know me are fully aware of the fact that my hair before was so coarse and stubborn, I relax almost every month back then, when I started the transition process I had to battle with two textures and that was quite hard, when I decided to chop the relaxed tip, the shrinkage was real and the length was quite discouraging as it wasn't growing as I expected but my sister (owner of kinkynigeriancurls.wordpress.com) kept me going, she encouraged me and gave me products to use for my hair, I have officially never bought anything for my hair, ALL I use is from her. After a while I embraced the length and kept on going with protective styles (braids especially).

What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?

My biggest fear was battling with my coarse hair.

Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?

I honestly have no regimen whatsoever, I just try to wash my hair and do the black tea rinse when I feel the need to and always keep my hair moisturised.

What emotional struggles, if any, have you faced since going natural?

Letting go of my relaxed hair chunk was quite emotional other than that none.

Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

I'm in this for as long as I can go.

There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?

I honestly can't remember getting negative comments about my hair and even if I did I probably just ignored and forgot about it. I personally know I have good hair so comments like that wont get to me.

What's your must have product and accessory?
I can't do without Shea butter, a band/ hair rope and a wide tooth comb for detangling.

What is your go-to style?
Bun/ puff

What advice do you have for anyone just going natural?
For those who are just going natural, what took you so long? One thing you should always keep in mind is that shrinkage would discourage you but embrace your shrinkage, its the beauty and elasticity of your hair. Always detangle, moisturise, protect your hair with protective styles and care for your edges. The process is slow ignore the length and don't let it discourage you, one day you will be shocked to see the length.

Where can we find you? Your social media platforms…
Instagram (personal): Lizofss 
Instagram (beauty): Beautebyliz 
Twitter: Lizofss
Youtube channel: Lizofss
Bbm channel pin: C004E7CC9 

Thank you for your time

My pleasure :) 

Enjoy the rest of the week

Till then 

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