Monday, 22 December 2014

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 81

Gosh, it is that time of the year both me and my hair loathe- harmattan! Even when my hair was relaxed, it used to magically grow shorter during harmattan period, talk less of it being natural. I had a terrible experience because of harmattan last year, and I don’t think I am ready to go through it again.

I therefore decided to break my hair fast off extensions, and braid my hair this season. I just can’t battle with the whole extra moisture, extra deep conditioning, switch to baggy method regimen. Holiday season should be left to other things – like fuss about my current joblessness.

I checked out about three salons, one rejected braiding my hair because it was natural, the other had a stylist who squeezed her face when I loosed my scarf, and exposed my hair, and the last asked me if I was going to relax my hair first. I felt it would be better for me to do home service, even though it would cost me more, considering the fact that I was not working. But hey, peace of mind is not cheap.

So this woman, recommended by a fellow naturalista, came over to braid my hair. I gave her the usual not-too-tiny, not-too-tight lecture. We got along well, and I was very cool with her work, only for her to call two other colleagues of hers to join us, so she could finish faster, cos I opted for longer braids. By the time the ladies came, and descended on other parts of my hair, it was no more a laughing matter. To make it worse, one of them was braiding so tight, that my scalp almost peeled off my head. I told her to loosen it, and start again, clearly ignoring her grumbling.

Whenever I felt any part of my hair dry, I passed the spray bottle to one of them to spritz my hair. It was not long after that, that I heard the two colleagues gossiping about me, right in my presence. Clearly, they knew I wasn’t Yoruba, so they did not know I could pick out most of their words.

“This girl’s wahala is too much o.” one of them started.

My ears immediately pricked, and I wanted to tell them how dare they talk about me like that, despite the fact that I was paying for their services, but I felt it was better to feign ignorance, so I could hear more of what they had to say.

“All these customers sef, always giving us trouble. If I knew this was one of those kinds of customer, I wouldn’t have agreed to help you make this hair.” They addressed the lead stylist, who was the most sensible of them. She did not say anything.

“It is the ‘nachi’ (natural) ones that have wahala most. Their hair can cut people’s fingers. It is just like Yoruba sponge that we use to scrub disease of our body.”

At this point, I had to do all I can not to react, and they were pulling my head in different directions, making the whole process mentally and physically exhausting.

surrounded by idiots

They continued their distasteful comments for a few more minutes, after which the lead stylist told them “it is enough.” I guess she must have gotten tired of their gossip and whining.

About 6 hours later, and a head full of beautiful braids, I paid the lead stylist, looked her in the eye, and told her I understood most of what her colleagues were saying about my wahala and my hair. She looked so embarrassed, and started begging me not to be angry, that it won’t happen next time.

I told her point blank, that there would be no next time. It had taken me all courage to put the extensions in my hair in the first place. I’m sure I won’t be rushing off to do it again after this experience.

All these Nigerian braiders sha, no ounce of etiquette.

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New and improved African Naturalistas Product Store

In the next few coming weeks, our blog and social media channels will be undergoing a light facelift. Many of you must have bought some products off our store, and seen a different and improved package delivered to you. I want to believe the reason why we received no complaints is because customers got something better than what they expected.

I am happy to announce that we have redesigned our store, not just in aesthetics, but functionality as well. Shopping and navigation is now easier, and we still offer free delivery in Lagos and outside Lagos for orders above a certain price. You can click here to see the difference for yourself

In the mean time don't forget that our 12 Days of Christmas is still on. Actually, we have just four days left, so hurry now. Take advantage while the fun lasts.

I am so excited about 2015, because African Naturalistas will be rolling out a lot of new initiatives. Ooh, I can't wait.

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

DIY deep conditioning treatment for natural hair

Hi Naturalistas
Watch my latest video on how to make this very simple DIY mix for your deep conditioning treatments using items you can easily find around. It is a very nice combination that has become one of my staples. I hope you find it rewarding.

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If you're not up for DIYs, check the store for a ready to go deep conditioning product that you will surely like. 

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

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Saturday, 20 December 2014

2 Quick and Easy Holiday Buns Hairstyle for your Natural Hair Kid

Twisted Bun with Braided Fringe

This style takes less than 30 minutes to do. The flat twisted area can be modified to use cornrows, while the threaded bun can be twisted or braided up. This style was adapted from a style created by GirlsLoveYourCurls. Watch to see how to create the look:


Twisted Rosette Buns

With buns, the sky is the limit.

Friday, 19 December 2014

The Lazy Natural

At different times you might have seen me refer to myself as a Lazy Natural. Visit other natural hair websites, or social media accounts, and you'll come across several people calling themselves Lazy Naturals. There are even things like the Lazy Naturals Hair Guide, and even blogs that cater specifically to lazy naturals.

So what is a lazy natural? 
There's no actual definition, but if you were to ask me why I consider myself a Lazy Natural, I would say that it's because I don't appreciate or adhere to the amount of time, energy, products and maybe even stress that most naturals put into their hair care regimen. For instance, where a lot of guides say that natural hair should be cowashed once a week, and washed/DC'd weekly as well, I find that I'd much rather wash my hair every 2 weeks. I make sure to moisturize in between that time frame with my handy dandy spray bottle mix though.

For someone like me, my 'regimen' consists of:

WASH DAY (every 2 weeks)
1. Prepoo and detangle with coconut or olive oil
2. DC with my African Naturalistas Deep Conditioner
3. Wash hair and rinse
4. Moisturize hair using one of the LOC variations, depending on how much moisture I think I need.

1. Spray my hair with my mix or simply use leave-in conditioner

1. Sleep with a scarf, although lately, I've been putting a shower cap on, and then tying the scarf (called the Green House effect - which I will post about sometime soon).

1. Bun or Grecian Crown if my hair is out. Otherwise, wig it.

lazy natural
Lazy Natural hair style from Nappily Nigerian Girl, who is by no means a lazy natural :)
Apart from me, I know of one other blogger who says she washes her hair just ONCE A MONTH, and hasn't DC'd her hair in over a year! You'd think that maybe she has scraggly hair, but far from it. Her hair is magnificently full and long!

I'm not telling you to ditch your routine - some heads of hair actually need the constant care and weekly attention. However, it's not the end of the world if you start to get lazy. The bottom line is that you should do what works for your hair. Check your hair regularly - if it's not growing or you develop an itchy scalp or dandruff, and your hair is breaking or shedding more than usual, PLEASE leave the lazy life and get with a regular regimen!

There are consequences if you're too lazy with your hair care regimen. This post on BGLH talks about the damage you can cause with your lazy natural hair habits.

Have a nice weekend, and Merry Christmas in advance!
Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Finghair Tips Thursday: Science

DIY Whipped Shea Butter for Natural Hair

Last week, I tried something I had been looking forward to all year; the whipped shea butter. Like everyone else, shea butter has been my staple product even before my natural hair journey began so it was only right to slip it in.

So I made some research and picked a day. It's one of those surprisingly easy things to do with little ingredients. I actually made two batches with different ingredients; you know to test the waters. You can tweak it as you like as long as shea butter is the main ingredient.

The first batch contained:

1) Shea butter
2) Coconut oil
3) Extra Virgin Olive oil
4) Sweet Almond oil
And I made a mistake of adding water.

Whipped Shea butter does not need water or any perishable item.

While the second had;
1) Shea butter
2) Coconut oil
3) Glycerine
4) Aloe Vera Gel.

The quantity of oils depends on the quantity of shea butter in use. As I didn't make use of any measuring instrument, I basically eyeballed the quantities I needed.


1) Melt raw shea butter over a bowl /pot of water. I tried to avoid heat so as not to kill it's properties.

2) Add your oils and leave the liquid shea butter and oils to solidify. Some people keep theirs in the fridge to hasten the process.

3) After a while, you'd see that the liquid has become semi-solid. Pour into a hand mixer and whip continuously in a high frequency. In the absence of a hand mixer, you can use a blender or improvise with an egg whisker.

4) Whip until fluffy. You should have a creamy consistency depending on the quantity of oil you use.

5) Store in a cool dry place under room temperature. You don't want it melting or grainy.

Fun Fact: Shea butter has a shell life of 12-24 months.

Has anyone tried whipping shea butter before? Which ingredients did you use and what was the results?

Love, kinks and knots.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Tips for your Natural Hair during the Harmattan

Hello Naturalistas,

The season is upon us people. I came out of my house yesterday and all the fog and dryness in the hair... Ish! I am not exactly a big fan of this time of the year, the dryness is on of the things that damaged my hair when I was in the North, and we know the number 1 natural hair enemy is dryness. I didn't know then... Now, I know better.

Here's how I think we can protect our hair during this season,

Deal with the dust; People often go for the obvious and say moisturise but they forget that with the season comes alot of dust. Dust can clog up your pores and cause scalp irritation. If you are like me and you live in an environment that 'they' have decided not to finish the road project 'they' started at the beginning of the year, this is for you.

- Cover your hair when you are leaving your home till where you know its safe - That's if you are a bus jumper or like me, a keke jumper.

- If you are not going to be covering your hair, know its going to get dirty faster and you would need to increase your wash days, if you wash once in 2 weeks regularly now you'd want to wash every week. All that 'moisture' be attracting dust.

Tuck your hair away; Put in a protective style let us call it 'Christmas hair' that would be a very good excuse right? also know you can also care for your hair while in a protective style 

And while you are tucking your hair away don't forget to do the needful;

- Deep condition your hair and treat often - Here's how to do a deep conditioning on your hair
- Water is your friend, not just applying on your hair also alot of drinking
-  Keep your satin scarf close, your spray bottle closer. but what is in your spray bottle though?

what other ways have you been protecting your hair from this weather?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Trimming my Natural Hair!

  A Happy and Blessed Tuesday to you Ladies!In today's video.I would like to share with you my Trimming Routine.I aim to dust my ends ever 3 to 4 months,but this time around,I left it for waaaay too long!Time for a catch up!Enjoy the video Ladies and have a wonderful week!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 80

I was in church this Sunday, and we had a departmental meeting after church. We were gathered in a circle, and our head of department was addressing us, when a woman came into the room, asked for excuse, walked up to him, and addressed him quietly. My HOD then asked to be excused for five minutes, and walked out of the room with the lady.

Everyone’s eyes were fixated on the woman, and the reason being that she had long relaxed hair reaching down the middle of her back. Immediately they stepped out, one mischievous woman amongst us said “Omo, see mami water hair.”

Another man and a woman said “No o, that’s not her hair. It is attachment.”

“It’s her hair joo. Can’t you see it’s coming out of her scalp?” the first woman insisted.

“See you. With all the tricks women come up with nowadays, you cannot trust what you see o.”

At this point I stepped in. “I think it’s her hair. It looks real.”

“See, even Anna the hair guru agrees that it’s her hair.” Everyone laughed, but the argument continued.
True to his word, my HOD came back in about five minutes. We asked him if he knew the woman well. He said she’s his cousin, and confirmed that it’s her hair.

The mischievous woman continued. “You see, its mami water hair. It’s Niger delta people that always have that kind of hair.” She said confidently, knowing my HOD is from the Niger delta.

“When will I have this kind of hair now? It’s just not fair.” The assistant HOD, who is a Yoruba woman, said.

“Actually, I disagree. There are many people with natural hair in Nigeria that have longer hair than that.”

“Anna has come again. Which natural hair? Is it not the natural hair I see everywhere?”

“I’m serious, even in this church many women have hair longer than that. You just can’t see it, because of shrinkage.”

At this point, they all looked at me like I was speaking Greek.

“All I know is that people from the riverine areas have longer hair than other Nigerians. It’s in their genes.” Someone insisted.

“Many Nigerian women have hair long to the middle of their back, and even their waists.”

“Annnnaaaa. You are lying joo. We are in church o.” they chorused.

You're Lying!

“You just can’t see it.” I insisted.

“Why can’t we see it? Is it not the natural hair we are looking at every day? Are we blind?

At this point, I knew there was no point arguing with them, they would never understand. It was a pity I had no one with natural hair to support me in this argument, as the only lady with natural hair had just been moved to another department. So I brought out my phone, and googled natural hair shrinkage, and showed the pictures to them.

They saw pictures of women with half of their hair in really shrunk up afro, and the remaining half stretched down to their waist, all in black skin. After about 10 of those kind of pictures, and so many ‘oohhs’ and ‘aahhs’, any further argument was put to rest.

As they say, only fools argue with proofs.

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It is 12 Days of Christmas on African Naturalistas

Yaaayy. Christmas came early on African Naturalistas. From today, 15th December 2014, till 26th December 2014, we are having our 12 days of Christmas. Yes, for us, Christmas is more than one day.

For 12 days, we will be giving out a jar of moisturising butter cream to anyone who buys a minimum of four African Naturalistas manufactured and branded products. This will be given for free, not discounted, but FREE!!!.

What are you waiting for, get your own now. Remember it runs for just 12 days. Christmas is not forever. Click here to purchase yours.

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Naturallure Spotlight: Ava DuVernay

Hi Naturalistas
I couldn't end this spotlight this year without featuring the beautiful Ava DuVernay. She is an American film director and has one of the most beautiful dreads I've ever known. 
I have always seen her with her signature locs since forever and believe me when I say she rocks it every single time. 






I hope she inspired you to love your hair more?
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride. 

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Natural Hair Kids Easy Holiday Hairstyle

Natural Hair Kids Easy Holiday Hairstyle

When on holiday vacations, the last thing you want to do it spend time doing hair. You can go for braids with extensions, but for me, as a person that does not do extensions so much on my childrens' hair, low manipulative styles like these work better. My daughter wore this style during our vacation to Nigeria and she absolutely loved it. Click here to watch our daily vlog on our trip to Nigeria. 

Friday, 12 December 2014

My Aphogee 2-Step Protein Treatment Experience

While visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago, I ventured into her hair products closet as she is a big product junkie! She's very well versed in all the hair lingo, is regular with her hair care regimen, etc. All this with me not knowing whether she's transitioning or stretching her relaxer. Whatever it is, the point is that she's serious about healthy hair. As I'm not anywhere near being a product junkie, it was refreshing to see different products that I would not normally have tried out. Because my hair's been breaking a little bit, we decided that I should do a protein treatment, using the Aphogee 2-step products.

aphogee, organix, ors

My hair was in big cornrows prior to starting the treatment.
natural hair, wash day

natural hair regimen

 Which were promptly loosened...

wash day, natural hair
Natural Hair Forest :p

natural hair, wash day

And then detangled and washed...
wash day, natural hair regimen

Afterwards, I saturated my hair with the 2-step protein treatment. The smell is a little weird, but it wasn't too bad. I left it in the hair for about 30 minutes, during which the hair dried and hardened. It's recommended that you don't manipulate the hair during this phase, as the hair can easily break off.

natural hair, protein treatment, aphogee

natural hair, aphogee, protein treatment

Afterwards, I rinsed off the treatment very carefully and completely, and then applied Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer. You need to apply moisturizing products after a protein treatment, because that much protein hardens your hair and causes it to lose moisture. After 5 minutes, I rinsed off the Moisturizer and proceeded to deep condition the hair for about 15 minutes (forgot to take pictures). Finally, I rinsed the DC out, and put my hair back in twists.

natural hair twists

My hair immediately felt stronger after the treatment. I haven't noticed as much breakage or shedding as I did prior to the treatment. But then again, I've mostly kept my hair in twists and hidden under a wig. I have washed the hair once  though, and I barely remember any hair falling in the shower.

I think I may incorporate this into my regimen every other month. Have any of you tried this protein treatment on your natural hair, and what were your results?

Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Finghair Tips Thursday: Science

Wet Styling vs Dry Styling

Hello everyone!

Anyone that knows me must have noticed that I hardly wear my hair in twists or twist-outs. The few times I've twisted my hair - with and without products - the results haven't exactly been encouraging. So I stopped altogether until recently.

A couple of weeks ago, on a Sunday precisely, I had my hair out in a puff - which is the only time my hair is out - and for some reasons, due to the hand-in-head syndrome, I found myself twisting my ends. Now bear in mind that my hair was devoid of any (styling) product at that point. It was mostly greasy due to the LOC method - which also included shea butter - I used three days ago. In fact, the hair spritz and hair butter I used to moisturize my hair the night before had been completely absorbed leaving no trace of moisture behind.

So here was a dry, greasy, barely moisturised hair that I was twisting. Immediately, I grabbed my hair clamps, sectioned my hair and began twisting around. In less than an hour even though I was watching TV in the process, I was done amidst strains. (Mahnn, it's been an awful long time).

Now, here's the interesting part. Anytime I twist my wet hair with products - which includes leave in, oil and curl pudding- it never stays. I have to twist in small sections and continually twist until it's stable. I'm definitely not the only one that experiences this. Or am I? But this time around, I only had to twist once in fairly medium sections and I had no problems whatsoever. It stayed for a few days - until I was ready to unravel it - whilst being moisturised. In fact I was even tempted to unravel it just to see how defined the twist out will be. Oh! You bet it was.

This little experience has taught me to apply whatever product(s) I want to use beforehand and leave it to completely air dry or at least damp before twisting or bantu knotting.

So, am I the only one? Whose hair also prefers dry styling to wet styling?

Love, kinks and knots

IG: ebun_oluwole.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

¨I've been transitioning for 13 Months¨ Mane matters with Sandra N.U.

Hello Naturalistas, 

I am sure most of you know sandra, I 'met' her during the blogger garden party a while back. I didn't get the chance to talk to her but I admired her hair, so I went to her blog and knew I had to bring her here  to share her secret :) You can check out her blog for more real-life transitioning journey here
Meet Sandra.

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?Hello! My name is Sandra, I'm a doctor and a blogger.

AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?
I think natural hair is unbelievable- I've never seen anything start conversations like it does, even with the most unlikely people. It is bold and beautiful and you will get noticed, like it or not. The best thing is it comes out of your head that awesome. No burns or tears.

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?I was natural up until senior secondary school because my mum wasn't having any of that relaxer business until I pestered her to frustration. Relaxing my hair wasn't meant to be a permanent change, I loved my natural hair but I just wanted to escape shrinkage. Once I did it, all I heard was I would have to cut it to get my natural hair back so I kept it relaxed. I decided to go natural when I researched and saw that there was another way.
relaxed hair

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?I'm transitioning. My mum is so happy, she never wants me to cut my hair.

AN: How long have you been transitioning?It's 13 months now! Sometimes I can't believe it
using thread to stretch

AN: What is your transitioning experience like? It's guns and roses: there are times I fight the usual two-texture battle and I'm at a loss. Otherwise it's a steamy romance and I can't keep my hands out of my hair.

AN: I know alot of people complain about managing 2 textures and cut it almost immediately, how have you managed that? Blending the textures. It's the golden rule for me. Either I stretch out the new growth to blend more with the relaxed ends, or I do curly styles- braidouts, flexi rod sets, bantu knot outs to help the relaxed ends blend more with the fiercer natural new growth.

AN: Do you have a regimen you stick to? What is it like?Yes I do. I deep condition and wash weekly, and I dry in twists to help with stretching. I moisturise and seal daily (ok I may skip some days), sleep with my hair in a satin scarf and protective style between wash days. This far into my transition and with my schedule, two-strand twists are keeping me happy. When I have time to fuss with my hair- up-do's. That's my basic regimen. Once in a while I'll spice things up with an ayurvedic treatment or a clay masque or some other homemade stuff. No direct heat ever. I don't even own those tools.

AN: What are you must have accessories and hair product?Bobby pins. They are an essential need: food, water, bobby pins.
Conditioner is a must-have. I recently did a product overhaul so no holy grail product until I can assess how well they work.

AN: Any negative comments on your hair? I did a braidout one time and someone told me I forgot to comb my hair. Ouch...
I also get a lot of "hmm! So you too you're going natural. WHY? Your relaxed hair was so nice". And some imply I'm just doing it because it's "IN" now.
Someone saw my relaxed hair pics and threatened me with a hot comb. Lol. I love the weight and thickness my hair now has so I'm deaf to all this. I could never rock two-strand twists while fully relaxed, they just weren't half as nice and full and thick.
The same people admire all the things I'm able to do with my hair though, and I get more compliments than negative comments. 

AN: Any fears about the BC?Oh yes. A big yes. I've never had a haircut (trims don't count) so I have no idea what I would look like and I'm not that curious about finding out. I've mad respect for those girls that are bold enough.

AN: What mistake did you make that you would encourage new transitioners not to make?Initially I combed every wash day the same way I combed my fully relaxed hair. Nuh-uh. Breakage city. My regimen is now comb-free but it doesn't have to be that radical for everyone. Just realise that while you still have some relaxed hair, you can't treat it the same way, it'll break. You can't do that relaxed-hair-sharp-sharp-2-minute vigorous combing. You have to be gentler and more patient.

Thanks for having me Tomi!

P.S: If you want to get featured kindly read this post and send an email to with the the subject as ''Mane Matters" and you will be gotten back to. Thank you! 

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Sleek Formal Natural Hair Bun using Eco Styler Gel!

  Happy Tuesday Ladies!I hope you are all coming along beautifully!Today I would like to share with you a hairstyle which has become a staple of mine.
  Going back to work full-time means that I had to resort to a hairstyle which while being tidy,remains extremely easy to maintain and leaves my hair out of my hands for a good week! Enjoy Ladies and please have a good and resourceful day!


Monday, 8 December 2014

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 79

Ehm, so I don’t know how to take this news. Tonya has decided to stay back in Nigeria. According to her, she has examined the situation, and has come to a conclusion that “home is where her heart is.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when she made the statement. What is the meaning of “home?” she had never really lived in Nigeria, until last year when she decided to come Nigeria to serve. I have so many concerns about her decision.

  • She still doesn’t know what Nigeria is really like, even though she has been here for a year. She was basically ferried from her house at Parkview every day, to work. She hasn’t been exposed to real Lagos life.
  • She is obviously doing this because of Sola Matthews? What about when the honeymoon phase wears off, and she realises it is not all rose and Barbie dolls? Or what if the relationship doesn’t even work out, and she starts resenting him because of the decision she made?
  • None of her nuclear family members stay in Nigeria. Just like her, most of them look more white than black. The only thing Nigerian about that girl is her surname. She sticks out like a sore thumb wherever she goes, and I don’t know how she will cope in the long term here.
  • After she decided to stay back, with some hesitation, her father agreed, and got her a job in a bank. We all know the dog-eat-dog crap that goes on in the banking sector. Tonya’s butter attitude will melt once it is exposed to the real heat of the fire.

If anyone asks me, I honestly don’t think Tonya will last in this environment. Good for her that she’s an American citizen, and can pack her bags whenever she feels like. On second thought, I hope Sola Matthew is not pulling these stunts because she’s an American. She has always being the naïve one, and only runs to me when things blow up.


To be fair to Sola, even though he’s this very handsome TV personality, he doesn’t seem to me like the flirting type, has a great personality, and loves and knows about Natural Hair.

Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed, and see how this love story of sacrifice will swing.

In the meantime, I am still looking for a job. Now that Tonya is staying back, maybe I should get her Dad to hook me up.

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Introducing Emi's Curly, Coily, Cotton Candy Hair

Emi’s Curly, Coily Cotton Candy Hair is the kind of children’s book you wish you had as a child. The vivid illustration brings Emi and her natural hair to life in a fun story narrated by Emi herself. From single strand knots to the cool and quirky texture of her mane, Emi’s wash day routine unfolds page by page.

Share your love of natural hair with family and friends in a healthy hair story told by a creative seven-year-old girl with a BIG imagination!

Available on and Amazon Europe (UK, France, Spain, Italy and Germany).

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