Thursday, 26 March 2015

5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing

Hello everyone!

There are times when we feel our hair isn't growing at all or at the rate at which we want. It happens to the best of us. There are also times when this supposed ''stunted growth' is as a result of shrinkage or sheer negligence on our part. More often than not, it's the latter.

So, in case you're still wondering why your hair isn't growing, here are five reasons why:

1. You're not retaining length.
It's one thing for your hair to grow, it's entirely another for to retain length. While your hair grows on its own, it's your job to retain the length it has grown. So, if you feel you're hair isn't growing, you need to cross check and fix your length retention techniques.

2. You're using too many products at the same damn time.
It's science. When you're using too many products at the same time, you're clogging your pores. Yes, it's good to try new things but give it time; space them out. Let your hair breathe and benefit from one product at at time.

3. You are non-chalant about your regimen.
A lot of folks often neglect their hair and then after a while they start complaining about the growth process of their hair forgetting than the hair has previously suffered. Times like this, your hair might actually be growing but you're not seeing it because you aren't taking care of it. Really, it's quite simple.

4. Too much manipulation.
It's not a crime to style and leave your hair out on a daily basis. Just try and reduce the manipulation and opt for protective styles that can last from 3 days - a week. That way you can rock your hair and not suffer from excess breakage which might lead to stunted growth.

5. Wrong measurement.
This is where shrinkage comes in. You might think that your hair isn't growing because it has remained the same for the last couple of months whereas your length checks aren't done correctly. Natural hair is elastic in nature so the shrinkage is inevitable. You should measure your length with stretched hair. That way you would get more accurate results plus you could take pictures too to document it.

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Till next time.

Love,kinks and knots.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Reasons you need a Natural Hair consultation

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you doing today? Kinks and all? I was going through the pictures of the last edition of NITC and I really wished I was there. There is so much benefits to meetings like that. One of which I want to talk about today; Consultation. 

Can I be real for a second? Okay. Thanks.

If you are like me you also think most of these natural hair salons are abit overpriced. I mean when the under-stairs-woman-who-does-just-natural-hair-and-collects-500 is still alive -__- (say all that in Yoruba to understand the extent)

I still stand by the fact that they are overpriced but there is something they have that these other 'cheaper' hairdressers don't have. Knowledge about Natural hair and that is what you need.

Here's why I think we need to have that sit-down with the natural hairdresser (and most especially if you are just starting this journey);

You can skip through all the trial and error; Starting out with on the natural hair journey, there is alot of trial and error, honestly, you don't HAVE to go through all that process to learn what will work for your hair - this is not to disregard you studying your hair- but someone with experience that has gone through different hair types will be in a better position to tell you what will or will not work for you after they examine your hair. There is not guarantee that their suggestion will work but it gives you abit of clarity on what might or might not work and saves you aloooot of time.


Expert Advice; They have the knowledge and experience and they can cut through the natural hair lingua that you still can't get a hang of and bring out what YOU actually NEED for your hair at the state they meet it.

And let's face it, no matter how knowledgeable we are, everyone needs alil help sometimes.

That said, I recommend consulting atleast twice a year and when you notice drastic changes in your hair e.g drastic hair loss you should be going to the Doctor and not your hair dresser ;)

When you're ready for your consultation you know African Naturalistas is here for you right? Talk to us!

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Moisturising my Two Strand Twists.

  Happy Tuesday Ladies!In today's video,I would just like to share with you how I moisturise and freshen my Two Strand Twists at the end of every week while on my Long Term Protective Styling Challenge. Enjoy the video Ladies and have a Blessed day!

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Monday, 23 March 2015

Vote for African Naturalistas on Nigerian Blog Awards

I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email that we had been nominated for the Best Beauty or Hair Blog in the Nigerian Blog Awards. I use the word, surprised, because unlike most of the nominees, we did not directly or indirectly ask anyone to nominate us. I therefore believe we must be doing a good job to receive this nomination.

I want to take time to thank everyone who nominated us for this category. Going out of your way to do this even though you were not asked to, means so much to us. Even though we have no idea who all of you are, thank you very much. Here is a big wet slimy kiss for those rosy cheeks of yours.

With that said, now that this has dropped on our lap, and we have been recognized, I implore all our readers and supporters to vote us for the Best Beauty or Hair Blog. It is very easy. All you have to do is click this link, and vote. We are right there, listed as the first nominee in the first category. What a great coincidence.

So what are you waiting for? Click now to cast your vote. You can only vote once, so make sure you are selecting African Naturalistas in the Best Beauty and Hair category.

Thank you

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Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 94

Things are going well so far at work. So far, I have been able to be sane and professional about styling my hair. I pray I can maintain this for much more longer, until my natural hair becomes a norm to my colleagues. Once everyone gets used to it, I can then decide to be adventurous.

There are about four female colleagues of mine on natural hair, but they are all on low cut. Three of them, all mothers, have been wearing low cut for years so I doubt they intend growing their hair out in the nearest future. The last one, Yemisi, did her big chop three months ago, skin cut to be exact. She is young, single, tall, and has the body structure of a runway model, therefore making the very low cut fit her. I don’t know if she is going to grow her hair out or she will spotting eccentric haircuts and side shaves. She doesn’t look like someone who will rock the usual regular natural hair styles like twists, buns and updos. I believe the office environment keeps her eccentricities under check. But what I know is this – she won’t be relaxing her hair! She told me so herself. I just can’t wait for her hair to grow longer, so at least, I can have a partner in crime.

Shocking of all, there is a guy in my office. He looks just like every other regular guy out there. 90% of the staff, including the management don’t know his secret which he recently revealed to me. How is that possible?

Well, I was on my own, minding my business on my way to the ladies, when this guy, TJ, hailed me, telling me he likes my hair. I smiled and thanked him for the compliment. During lunch, the next afternoon, Yemisi left me alone at my table, as she had to run up to quickly clear up some backlog. TJ quickly sat opposite me, and engaged me in a discussion which turned out to be very interesting.

“I was serious about my statement yesterday.” He said.

“I know, thanks.”

“I really love the natural look, especially the irregular and unusual ones.”

“Really?” I wondered if he considered mine unusual, as I was just on regular twists.
“Yes o. Anna, right?”

“Yes, it’s Anna.”

“So what do you think about dread locks. What’s your opinion?”

“I’m kinda indifferent for now, but I think it looks great. I believe people should just do whatever works for them. As long as it looks beautiful on a lady, I guess it’s fine.” I said with a nonchalant attitude.

“What of guys? What do you think about dread lock on men?”

“Well, I don’t know. I haven’t really thought of it.”

Hmm, he looked at me for a while, as if he was in deep thoughts, observing me thoroughly. He works in the accounting department, joined the company about 5 months ago, has a very slight accent, and relocated from Pennsylvania, as I had gathered from people’s gists.

“Can I tell you a secret?” he final said, after his slight session of observation.

“Of course you can.” I answered eagerly. Who doesn’t like to hear gists?

“I am on dread locks!”

For a moment, I thought TJ had gone mad, and I didn’t know what to say. Or is there a way to communicate with mad men? I looked at his head, and there was no difference between him and the other guys around me. And here he was, telling me that he’s on dread locks. Someone must be crazy here, and it definitely wasn’t me.

The look on my face told him what I thought of him at that moment. “Insane liar!”

“Come, let me show you something.” He said.

By this time, we had finished our lunch. We went behind the cafeteria, which was quiet and solitary. He looked round to make sure no one was there, and before I knew it, I was staring at TJ, only that he was on dreadlocks! Short and full locs!

What? It had been a wig all along. I mean this guy was wearing a wig like the one Al Jolson wore when he was doing blackface in the 1927 The Jazz Singer movie. He looked just like every other guy other there, on a normal day. I was shocked!

The wigs, the dread locks, everything!

So yes, there is a guy with dread locks in my office, and almost no one knows.

I wonder how many people are hiding their true identities with one disguise or the other!

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Saturday, 21 March 2015

Deep Conditioning Trick For Lasting Moisture

By DiscoveringNatural
I have been using this Deep Conditioning trick on my daughters' hair and mine for over a year now. It helps provide them with lasting moisture when done with a moisturizing deep conditioner.  I found this Cool & Seal trick on Hairscapades blog. She found it on Ouidad's website:
These are the actual directions for the deep treatment from
1. Completely saturate clean, damp hair with 2 oz. of treatment on shoulder length hair ““ a bit more on longer hair.
2. Cover with a shower cap and heat with blow dryer. Allow warm product to remain for 12 minutes.
3. Before rinsing out, add a conditioner to hair. Then rinse both products; allow a little coating to remain.
Here is what we do:
  • Leave deep conditioner on for about 30 minutes, covered with a shower cap. You can either sit under the dryer during this time.
  • After DC time is over, remove shower cap from hair, and allow hair to cool down for about 15 minutes.
  • Apply a rinse-out conditioner on top of the Deep conditioner
  • Rinse out hair
Give it a try.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Coffee for Natural Hair

In the Natural Hair world, we all know that there are different kinds of mixes, ingredients, combinations and more that are made to combat hair issues, or progress healthy hair. The world of Ayurveda and natural herbs has grown; more and more people are looking for organic products and processes that will aid them in their hair journey. I was going through Facebook the other day and came across a post that mentioned using coffee on natural hair. I almost spat my coffee out in laughter :p It's bad enough that I don't want to give up my precious tea and bananas and avocados for DIY mixes, and now someone's throwing coffee into the mix?!
Regardless of whether it's something I will try or not, I decided to research some of the reasons why coffee can be good for natural hair.

  1. A study found that caffeine blocks the hormone for hair loss
  2. Stimulates hair growth
  3. Reduces shedding
  4. For some, coffee can darken the hair color (and cover up greys)
  5. You can lightly rub coffee granules into your scalp for exfoliation
For 2 recipes to make Coffee Oil or a Coffee Rinse, click here

Is this something you have tried before? What was your experience like? If you haven't tried it, do you think you would?

Have a nice weekend, while I go make a nice cup of coffee to DRINK :p

Thursday, 19 March 2015

How I Maintain My Marley Twists.

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I installed some marley twists - my first protective style for the year. The idea was to install it through crochet braiding and rock for 6 weeks. Problem was, crochet braiding required more extensions which means more full heavy hair - which I'm not a fan of - and I wasn't having any of that especially with the unbearable heat. Eventually, instead of kinky twists which are almost tiny in nature, I settled for medium sized marley twists with crochet braiding at the back and single twists at the perimeter. At the end, it turned out well and I decided that I might go on a 3 months protective style challenge. That means I'll only take it down every 4/6 weeks for wash and deep condition and install again. Fortunately, it doesn't take any time at all to re-install.

- As usual, I did a henna/hibiscus treatment and followed up with ghee as my moisturizing deep conditioner.
- After which, I moisturized using the LOC method with African Naturalistas Leave-in, Sunflower Seed Oil and Whipped Cocoa Butter.

- When I was done, I put my hair in cornrows until I was ready for the installation which was in three days.

- Two days before, I had pre-twisted my two packs of marley hair down so it was left for me to just install.
- I loosed my cornrows and tried a different braid pattern especially since I wanted some single twists at the perimeter.
- The whole crochet braiding took about 30 minutes and the braiding another 45-50 minutes. That's less than two hours and I thought, this is actually awesome. I can work with this.

- I spray my hair with my hair spritz which contains water, glycerine, extra virgin olive oil and tea tree oil every two or three days.
- The beauty of crochet braiding is that it's super easy to wash. You only need to lift the extensions and focus on its tracks plus the marley extensions are very light so they dry very fast. So once a week, I co-wash, air dry, moisturize and seal just like I would with my hair.
- At night, I sleep in a satin scarf or bonnet.

Have you tried marley twists? How do you maintain them?

Love, kinks and knots

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hairspiration: Ancient African Natural Hairstyles that can Inspire you

Hello Naturalistas, 

Crawling the walls of the internet for some inspiration and I saw an African style and I decided to check more to see. The most common one we know is Threading but there are a lot of other nice African hairstyles (some I can't put here because the women also don't wear cloths -__-) 

Here are some of the ones that caught my eyes. Be Inspired!

*I tried to see if I could get some background history or where the hairstyles are originated from but history is lost 

Are those twists? Would love to see this mordernized

This is from Egypt. I love this one

For those without edges *doges comb*

Pimp out your threading

I love the top of this one.
Which is your favourite?

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

My One Year Biotin and Jamaican Black Castor Oil Experience!

  Hallo Ladies! About a year ago,I embarked on a Healthy Hair Journey to boost the overall health and thickness of my hair. While I understand that,I was born with naturally fine hair,I have always craved more volume when it comes to my hair.I had often heard of people singing the praises of Vitamin Supplements such as Biotin to boost hair health and growth and Jamaican Black Castor Oil has long been the 'Go to' Oil in the Natural Hair Community.In this video,I share my results with you..... 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 93

Tonya and I have been talking. According to her, she has come up with a plan for her future. She just realised she can’t cope with the dog eat dog dealings in the banking industry. I wondered why it was a newsflash to her. I already knew that about her, I had just been waiting for her breaking point. She disappointed me though, she has lasted about four months now!

 “So the thing is I think I will be going back to the states soon.” She started.

“Really?” I asked genuinely surprised. “What will you do about Sola?”

“I don’t get.”

“I mean aren’t you together anymore?”

“Of course we are together. Don’t be silly. I will relocate after the wedding.”

“Are you serious?” I asked, really shocked.

“Of course I am. I have discussed it to mum and dad, and they agree with me that it’s best I go back. I am not sure I have much of a future here. I been here for about 18 months now, and I think I’ve done well, giving the circumstances.”

“So what did Sola say when you told him?”

“I have not told him yet.”

“What? You plan to relocate, and you haven’t informed your husband to be? So you just sat down and planned his life for him.” Tonya just always finds a way to give a new meaning to the word ‘shocking’ whenever I talk to her.

“I don’t think he should have a problem with it, Anna. I will go back to the states, and work his immigration, as a spouse of a citizen.” She said nonchalantly.

“Ehm, you have forgotten one thing Tonya. He is a TV personality. People like that don’t just pack their bags and leave their country. Their faces are everywhere!”

“Sola is different. He will do it because he loves me.” she insisted. “Anyway, I have made my decision. I will tell him tonight.”

“When did you make this decision for both of you?”

“This morning, after my boss at work kept going on and on about my hair. I just felt it wasn’t worth it to stay back.”

Tonya, as we all know, is mixed race, and her hair call sometimes look like cotton wool. I would give anything to have her kind of hair. If every Nigerian with natural hair quit what they were doing because of comments about their hair, we would have jobless naturalistas all over the country.

My mouth was agape after her explanation, as I kept shaking my head.

I always knew she couldn’t last long here, but I also know she is head over heels in love with Sola. What would she do when he rejects her plan to ship him off to USA? She obviously didn’t think this through, and expects the whole world to be at her beck and call because that is what she is used to, due to her upbringing. All I can say is that she is in for a serious shock.

In the meantime, I will just keep watching as this drama unfolds.

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

The Fastest Natural Hair Style

By DiscoveringNatural

This style is a great low manipulative style that protects your ends and gives you a classy look at the same time.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Natural Hair Glam: African Magic Viewers Choice Awards

Hello everyone,

Last weekend, the annual African Magic Viewers Choice Awards held in Lagos, Nigeria. The entertainment industry was abuzz and everyone was excited to see the fashion choices. I was excited too, but moreso because I wanted to see how the naturalistas would display their hair. And display THEY DID!!! Here are the many women (and a couple of men) who chose to rock their kinks with pride.

Kate Henshaw
Ireti Doyle
Zainab Balogun

Chidinma Ekile
Nse Ikpe Etim

Faithia Williams
Oreka Godis
Oreka Godis
Cynthia Kamalu
Cynthia Kamalu
Ruth Osime
Tosin Ajibade
Uti Nwachukwu
Omoni Oboli
Adesuwa Onyenokwe
Ezinne Asinugo

Belinda Effah - her look raised a lot of eyebrows
Damilola Oke

Images gotten from Bella Naija and Genevieve Magazine

Isn't it wonderful that so many women are embracing their natural hair?! I think so!

Berry Dakara.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

How To Henna Your Natural Hair without being messy

Hello everyone!

The other day, I read a post about a certain blogger’s travails with henna and how she was gonna stop using it because of the mess it creates. And I'm like, are you serious? because I'm trying to make sense of that post.

Anyways, that reaction triggered this post and I thought I should talk about henna-ing safely because I can't believe you'd want to deprive your hair of that much goodness simply because you cannot deal with the mess.

I've been using henna and hibiscus for a little over a year now and my hair has been better for it. Along the way, I've learnt how to safely apply and rinse out henna without staining the whole place. Really, except you're extremely clumsy, I don't understand why you cannot contain the stains.

First of all, get all your materials ready;
i. plastic bowl and spoon for mixing
ii. cling film
iii. gloves
iv. hair clamps.
v. old t-shirt.
vi. the products.

If you regularly use henna like me, you know that all of these henna materials are kept in a safe place after every use. In fact, I make sure I get 6 months supply of gloves so I don't run out. The others can be easily arranged. The point is, get all your supplies ready. That way, you won't have problems during application. By the way, I've never really found any use for old newspapers. The t-shirt usually gets the job done. Other times, I even avoid it altogether. I make sure I'm as steady as I can possibly be. Then again, different strokes.

Secondly, assemble your materials and your mixed henna which you should have done the previous night in front of a mirror. You might decide to use your dressing table or your bathroom mirror. Either way, make sure you're comfortable enough and try and isolate yourself. Get rid of clothing items that might be susceptible to the henna stains - which washes off eventually - and any other thing around you.

Next, begin application. Don't forget to wear your gloves first and the old t-shirt either fully or around your neck. Also, again your cling film, plastic bag, shower cap and whatever you're gonna use for covering should be close-by. It's also advisable to work in sections. That way, you can properly cover your whole head.

After about 4 hours, get ready to rinse out - now, this is where it gets dicey. Henna requires a minimum of four hours for proper penetration. You can decide to rinse out in different ways - the traditional bowl and bucket way, in the shower, by dunking your head in a bucket of way. Whichever way, just make sure all of the henna is out. But before that, don't forget to wear your gloves. Yep, at least until you've gotten all of the henna out. This helps to prevent the organic stains on your fingernails. When you're done rinsing, grab your shampoo and wash all of your hair thoroughly. You might need to go two or three rounds and then finish up with your conditioner. Personally, I prefer using black soap. All this shampoo/conditioner business just extends the time spent in the bathroom. Black soap helps cut down time.

Finally, after rinsing and washing, you might notice that your hair is rather hard. This is perfectly normal. The only thing you need to do right now is to finish up with a moisturizing deep conditioner for about two hours and then your hair is back to normal, stronger than ever!

Side note: It looks like this is an all day event but really it takes roughly six hours. Even shorter when done overnight (this, i'm not particularly sure of because I haven't tried it before). That's why it should be done on a monthly basis or whenever it suits you. The best thing about it is that practice makes perfect. After a number of application, it becomes a cakewalk. That way, you're not so fidgety but rather cautious.

So, over to you, my fellow henna-lovers!

What are some of your henna hacks during application?

Love, kinks and knots

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

5 Life lessons I learnt from my Natural Hair Journey

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing? Kinks and all? I was thinking on Monday while I was styling my hair for the week and I was amazed at the some of the lessons that have stuck because of my natural hair journey. Here are some of the lessons I have learnt;

Life is a process ; Ah! This cannot be over emphasized. There is big lesson on patience that your hair teaches you. From waiting for your hair to grow, to not getting frustrated on wash days or when you have to style (Especially when your hair gets longer). I've learnt to enjoy a process from inception, there will be down times and there will be Good times and the 'bleh' but what is most important is that I enjoy the process.

Growth; It may be slow but it happens and when it does it's beautiful.

Tend your garden; Often times I am tempted to look at someone else hair to acheive a particular style or curls and what have you. But I learnt that just like hair (which is unique to me) I have to learn to not just look at other people's journey and want what they have without considering their hair type, texture etc. I need to know my hair, know what works and what doesn't in that light in life I can't go around wanting people lives without considering their past, their present all the things they had/have to go through to get to where/be they are right now.

Consistency; Maintaining natural hair is not a walk in the park and it takes drive, determination and consistency to keep it going. I remind myself that if I can do this for the long haul, I can do anything. I just have to put my mind to it.

Don't comb your hair; .... When it's dry. I never knew this. Even when I was with my lowcut in secondary school. I will be combing my dry hair and enduring the pain. Oh there is a better way and it is called detangling. ;)

Here are my top 5, What lesson has your natural hair journey taught you? Lets share ;) 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My Perfect Two Strand Twisting Experience!

  Hallo Ladies!I hope and trust that you are all well!I just finished putting in my new set of Two Strand Twists for my second attempt at Long Term Protective Styling.I decided to experiment a little and choose to use Products that I had never used to Twist my hair before.I was pleasantly surprised.....

Monday, 9 March 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 92

I can honestly say that I am extremely unhappy. This is the first time I have been depressed this year. Things are just not going right, which is strange considering the fact that as at last week, I felt everything was going on right.

The fall in naira and downward turn of the economy is really getting on my nerves. A foreign company I did a side job for while I was unemployed posted a cheque to me, and at the moment, it is missing. It is showing on their system as paid, but I have not seen it.

This is the wrongest time such thing should be happening to me, as I am completely broke. I was really banking on the money, as it is a lot.

My mum’s business is not doing so well at the moment. She sells interior decoration materials. Many of the prices of her items have increased due to the current dollar rate, yet, her customers have reduced, since her business is based on what people can live without.

I am not as close to Dimeji as I used to be. We used to be best of friends, talking about everything and anything. But nowadays, we just talk routinely at night, and we hardly find words to say to each other, one person always eager to pass the ball to the other person. This led to resentment on my part, which then led to resentment on his part, and then back and forth that way. The whole thing is just getting messy, and I don’t even know what to do. We now argue more than we ever did in the past
If anyone asks me, I think it is due to many unresolved conflicts, which led to us bottling up so much, eventually creating a wide communication gap that both parties couldn’t be bothered to fill. As at now, the gap is so wide that we would need to invest heavily to build bridges, in order to reach each other again.

I have acne all over my face, chest and shoulders, and it is causing terrible spots seeing that I am not one who is disciplined enough to keep my hands from pressing them.

Everything just seems to be going somehow, and it is really causing me to be sad.

Maybe I should focus on the fact that I have been getting nice compliments about my hair since I started work last week.

Anyway, for now, I am just tired, and want things to turn around for me.

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Did you enjoy or learn from the article above? Please, like our Facebook page here. Thank you
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