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Finghair Tips Thursday: Trivia

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

¨In one year and eight months, I've already had 4 trims¨ Mane matters with @Kinikinks

Hello Naturalistas,

Say Hello to Kinikinks, I follow her on Instagram and she graciously obliged to be featured here. 

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Chika and I am KiniKinks. I am a sociology graduate exploring my options in life. Right now, I manage a natural hair page on Instagram to encourage and inspire other Nigerian ladies to love their natural hair.

AN: What are your thoughts about natural hair?

I really don’t know how to describe it. To some it’s a trend. To others, it’s a struggle. To me it’s none of that. To me, the decision of going natural is just like every other decision we make every day. It can be demanding, has its benefits but also has its disappointments. Once you can accept to live with that, that’s all that matters.

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

I went natural because I needed fuller, healthier hair. My hair is really thin and soft. Having it bone straight (relaxed) made it to always look frail. Now it looks as if it has life.

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

I big-chopped because I didn’t want to procrastinate cutting my hair.

AN: Any fears about the BC?
Initially I was afraid that chopping my hair really low would make me look awkward but it was nothing like that when I actually cut it. It was a librating feeling.

AN: What has your experience been?
So far, there have been ups and downs. Bad hair days and days that I make that perfect protective style/puff and just go out for the world to see that natural hair is beautiful too. All in all, no regrets.

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?
My biggest fear is that when my hair grows much longer I might not be able to care for it as I should.

AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?
I’m in it for the long haul even though I’m very scissors friendly. My hair is just a year and eight months and I’ve already had about four trims. LOL! Whether long or short, I’m staying natural.

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?
I co-wash mid-week, wash and deep-condition weekly and steam monthly.

AN: What’s your go-to protective style?
Marley twists or afro-puff

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?

Well the questions I usually get are “Are you deeper life?” (Because I don’t really wear earrings) or “why don’t you make your hair?” I just smile and answer them politely and if they keep talking I simply ask them, ‘Is it your hair?’ lol. I think the worst comment I’ve ever gotten is, “maybe if you make your hair more often, you’d get a man. I was so speechless that I just walked away.

AN: What’s your must have product and accessory?
The only staple products I use are Triremes shampoo and Herbal Essence hello hydration conditioner. I CANNOT do without my hello hydration.

AN: What’s you advice to anyone planning to ditch relaxers?

I simply tell them to just do it if they really want to. It’s not always an easy decision for people but as far as I’m concerned, it’s like any other life-changing decision. Life-changing?  Yes! To some it’s just hair and to others it’s not just hair. It’s a source of confidence to people and a way of life.

P.S: If you want to get featured kindly read this post and send an email to with the the subject as ''Mane Matters" and you will be gotten back to. Thank you! 

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Natural Hair is for the Financially Challenged!

  Hallo Loves! The decision to go Natural is now being viewed by some as a way to spare your pockets from Financial Battery. But before you let out a yelp of excitement,the question begging to be asked is:'Is going Natural a Cheap Option to Hair Care.'Is it really?Watch on and let us know what you think!

Monday, 24 November 2014

5 Things I Love About Being Natural.

Hello everyone!

In my previous post, I wrote about five things I do not miss about relaxed hair and now, it is only right to turn tables.

I've been fully natural for 11 months and it's been the best 11 months in my entire hair history. I don't think I've ever experienced this much freedom and bliss.

Let's get to it shall we?

1. Freedom.
I think this is one of the best things about natural hair. I love the fact that I have the liberty to twist and turn as I please. I'm not in any way limited as there a endless possibilities.

2. Versatility
I can decide to finger coil or color my hair or even rock a tapered cut. My natural hair can be bent to suit me.

3. DIY
My natural hair has helped to change my perspective especially when it comes to maintenance. I've been able to create a regimen that works for me and I'm glad to see the results. It has also helped me take control of my hair. I haven't been to a salon in 14 months. I've  been able to style my own hair. Sometime in July, I installed my very first box braids by myself. Last month, I installed another one. I'm getting better at it. Next year, I'm looking forward to trying kinky twists, crochet braiding and faux locs. I bask in the fact that nobody is pulling my hair in different directions and I'm not so worried about my edges anymore.

4. My Hair Texture 
Like everyone else, I suffered from the hand-in-head syndrome very early in my journey. I was simply fascinated and could not get over my curl pattern because it is so beautiful both by sight and touch. I can't believe I waited this long. Anyways, better late than never. 

5. The Uniqueness of Natural Hair. 
Natural Hair has a mind of its own and has no problem being in the spotlight. Actually, its uniqueness draws even more attention, carefully over shadowing the outfit or the makeup. Often times when I'm in a gathering, especially in Church, my natural hair stands out mostly because it isn't mainstream yet. That's why I've been able to spread the gospel of natural hair starting from my friends so that more people can convinced to rock their natural hair more often. 

What are the things you love about your natural hair? 

Love, kinks and knots. 


Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 77

Boma is over two years old now, and she has lovely natural hair. Thankfully, my sister did not relax her hair, as she once threatened to, as if Boma were my daughter. We have also said goodbye to tight extensions on the little girl’s hair, after so much harassment from my part. I don’t care what my sister does to her own hair, but I just can’t sit down and watch the not-so-innocent little girl suffer, due to her mother’s ignorance. What would that say of me, being her aunt?

And so, I have been flaunting my niece up and down so much, and taking all the accolades for her hair. After all, I have to reap the reward of my labour.

My sister begged me to come over to her house last weekend, and help out with her house chores. After some time, she said we should all go to the shopping mall to get some things. I declined, and said Boma and I would rather stay home instead. She said we had to all go, because Boma’s feet is fast growing, and she won’t be travelling any time soon to get new pairs of shoes.

“Okay then. Go with her, I will wait here for you.” I was willing to do anything to avoid going shopping with my sister. She can be an annoying big sister.

“But Boma wants you to come.”

“Huh? She does? She hasn’t said anything like that.”

“Yes, she does. Don’t you?” She turned to ask manipulate Boma.

“Auntie Anna, please come, please come.” She said with that voice she used to get people to melt. Boma is a monster at times, and I know her ways, yet her voice just has that inexplicable effect on me.

After so much cajoling, I finally succumbed to their ways. We got to the mall, and I walked with Boma’s hands in mine, as my sister strutted child-free. She sure enjoyed the stares, as she looked very hawt and young for her age. When we got to the mother care section, and there were no longer men to drool, attention turned to Boma and her hair, which was in a gigantic afro puff I had styled. People looked at her, and smiled at both of us, obviously assuming I was her mum, since we both have natural hair. My sister traced the stares, and gave me that you-must-be-feeling-cool-about-natural-hair look.

My sister got three pairs of new shoes for Boma, after testing them on Boma. We proceeded to the counter, and my sister queued to pay, while I stood not so far from her.

A woman approached me. “Wow, you daughter has such a lovely hair.”

“Thank you.” I said after a little hesitation. My sister had heard the conversation, and I felt it was time to spite her for her antics.

“You must take so much time caring for it.” the woman continued.

“We can only try our best. As mothers, the health of our hair and children’s hair is paramount.” I increased my voice so my sister could hear clearly.

“I’m always impressed with women who take time to nurture their kid’s hair. Many women these days are relaxing their children’s hair, in order to take a short cut. It is really sad.”

“Trueeee.” I rolled my eyes at my sister.

“I have three sons, but if I had a daughter, I would want her to have lovely hair, just like your daughter’s.”

“Aww, thanks for the compliment.” My sister was eyeing me by now, as she finished paying for her goods.

We walked out of the store, and she sharply grabbed her daughter from me, and passed me the carrier bag.

“If you want to take glory for my daughter’s hair, no way.” She said.

“Ehm, I thought you said her natural hair stresses you, and you can’t wait to relax it.” I taunted, feeling amused.

Good One
“Leave me alone, and go and give birth to yours.”

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Naturallure Spotlight: Whoopi Goldberg

Hi Naturalistas
Today's feature is the incredible Whoopi Goldberg; writer, comedienne and actress extraordinaire. She is popular for her roles in such great productions like Sister Act, Color Purple and Sarafina - one of my best movies of all time. She has been natural for the longest. I have seen her with pictures without her signature loc's but I cannot seem to put her face in my head without it. she sure rocks the locs.
Enjoy her pictures!





Hope you she inspired you to love your hair more?
Don't forget to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

Twitter/instagram: @janylbenyl

Saturday, 22 November 2014

How to Create Bubbles in Your Child's Natural Hair

This style is easy and practically error proof. It is safe on the edges. All you need for this style are 4 hair ties, and elastic bands. No bobby pins necessary.

Watch below to learn how to recreate the style

Friday, 21 November 2014

7 Things You Should Know Before Locing your Natural Hair

Have you ever thought about getting your natural hair loc'd? I have - but for me, faux locs. I have this weird idea that I'll look like Lauryn Hill circa 1998. I haven't thought about getting real locs, because it is quite a permanent change that I'm not ready for. But if you are considering it, read through these 7 Things You Should Know, which was written by Ade of Locitude (the very first, if not only, Nigerian blog dedicated to our Loc'd sisters and brothers).
locitude, african naturalistas
Ade, Locitude

The post has been edited slightly

1. The Big Chop.To get locs right you have to cut off all chemically processed (permed) hair. This is advisable as it is the first step to healthy locs, however it is the most difficult stage as it can be seemingly awkward, un-attractive and demanding to manage. However in today's world of Youtube and Instagram you'll be surprised that there's all sorts you can do with a Teeny Weeny Afro (TWA)/Baby locs.Of course, you will not have to chop your hair off at all if it is already natural. 
2. Your hair won't loc immediately- courtesy Damilola Lawal, Locs don't happen at once. It is a gradual process that takes as long as 6 months to a year to fully form. My consolation to you on this slow process is that every stage of your locs is a style in itself just like the evolution process. Explore it and enjoy it. 
3. Shrinkage. A lot of inspiration to loc your hair often comes from people who already have long locs. Unfortunately you don't start to see length until after your locs form fully. The first six months to one year will be about a lot of shrinkage as the hair strands are in the process of uniting for lack of a better word. This is entirely normal and like all things in life this stage too shall pass. Patience is key and "there is God o" 
4. Locs are not Maintenance Free. I was very shocked when I ended up under a hooded dryer after my very first loc twist. The notion that once you loc your hair it is maintenance free is FALSE. To have beautiful locs you need to dedicate some time and love to those strands, or else they will fall faster then they grow. The truth however is that locs can be cheaper to maintain than the regular weaves, braids and relaxer regimes that a lot of females do.  
5. Bad Belle Group. There will be those who will look at your head in utter disgust and tell you you look very unattractive. Truth is there will be bad hair days, days where your hair will have no direction and the Bad Belle Association will be there to mock you. The only way to overcome is by the next point. 
6. It's Your Decision. My mom's first reaction when I told her I wanted locs was, "Why would you want a hair style that mad people wear?" This came with the implication that locs are dreadful (that's why I refuse to use the term 'dreadlocs'). I knew exactly what I was aiming for even if no one else could see it at the start. Whatever your reason is for deciding to become a loc head, be it for fashion, spirituality, being tired of relaxers or trying to get a comb through your natural hair it doesn't matter as long as it is your decision; Then it is your journey, your cross, your burden and don't forget it's your beautiful crown. By the way my mom is now happy to convince people that my hair is mine and not extensions. 
7.  Another Big Chop. This is the part that comes after you have loc'd your hair, grown some length , become bored and happy to transition into the free form natural hair, permed hair and what not. The chances are that you'll have to cut your hair again. I've read cases of un-combing locs, but I can imagine how much hair you will loose trying to detangle hair that you've literally tried to tangle. My advice is, before you lock your hair be prepared to cut it all off if you decide to take another hair path.
Once you can make peace with this 7, I think you are ready to start your Loc Journey.
And that's all folks! Thanks to Ade for granting permission to put this post up. Remember you can find her at Locitude website, Locitude Blog, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Finghair Tips Thursday: Oiling

5 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know

Hello everyone!

You know how natural hair can be a tad tasking and exhausting? Once in a while,there are some shortcuts we take in order to reduce wash day or just simply make life easier. It's not like there's some rulebook somewhere stating what we are allowed to do or not do. That being said, I'm not advocating cutting corners or anything of that sort. All i'm saying is whatever you decide to do, make sure it's of optimum benefits to your natural hair. If not, what's the point?

Here are five natural hair hacks you should know.

1. Trade your towel for an old t-shirt to avoid frizz and reduce breakage. I don't think I've used anything other than my tee for my hair.

2. Use a plastic bag to trap in heat for deep conditioning. Life's too short to be washing shower caps. Plus you can always throw it away when you're done.

3. Refrigerate your leave-in conditioner to seal your hair's cuticle after washing and also to add shine.

4. Another way you can use black tea is by spritzing your hair with it before applying your deep conditioner. That way, you can totally maximise its benefits as it stays longer in your hair. Black tea helps to reduce shedding, combat dandruff and also add shine.

5. Add oils -carrier or essential- to your (cheapie) conditioner to increase its potency. This is something I do regularly.

Which natural hack(s) have you heard about and tried?

Love, kinks and knots


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

"My mum was sure Asa was a bad influence." Mane Matters with Maryanne Ogunleye

Can you tell us who you are and what you do?
Officially, I'm Maryanne Ogunleye but friends call me Deola. I'm a Law Student in. I'm an Ijebu girl who's been living in Lagos for most of her existence. I love trying out new foods, music and creative arts. I BC'd last week of October 2013. So my mane is about a year and three weeks old. She's a type 4C and a little over 5 inches.

What's your thoughts about natural hair?
It's so pretty :-D. Natural hair takes whatever form you want. It's versatile plus it has an attitude of its own.

Why did you decide to go natural?
I was tired of my neck length hair.  A friend introduced me to a Ghanaian Hair stylist that treats hair in Dugbe market. He is a biochemist so he knows his stuff. I embarked on a six weeks hair treatment. He treated my hair with eggs, onion juice, tomato juice, his DIY deep conditioner and creams etc. He used onions for my edges. The result was awesome; my hair was shiny and I was starting to see my edges grow. But he was expensive, so I went on the Internet and tapped into the awe of the natural hair community. That's when it hit me, "Why not start from scratch?"

With relaxed hair
Did you do a BC or you transitioned?
I went to the barber's and chopped it all off. Truthfully, I left an inch of hair. I didn't want to go bald. My dad's face that night was priceless.

Big Chop
Any fears about the BC?
Hell yeah! I have a small stature, people tell me I look 16 so I feared I'd look even smaller with a haircut.

What has your experience been?
For someone who never liked attention, I must say my hair calls out without permission oh.
I like that we naturalistas bond fast. We smile at ourselves and do mind talk (telepathy) and stuff. Others that are on protective styles go as far as showing you their pictures just so you don't think they're lying. It's been fun getting to know my hair and myself. The one time my mum saw me trying to twist my hair, just after we had a dreadlock argument, she was sure Asa and Jumoke Olawode-James were my inspiration and bad influence.

What was/is your biggest fear about going natural?
Err... That it won't grow. The boy next door still looks at me and says, "Your hair is not long now".  (insert angry face). She seems stagnant at times but a watched kettle doesn't boil, does it? I've learnt to free her.

Do you think you are in it for the long Haul or is it just a phase?
Of course, it's for the long Haul. I don't see myself going back. I don't miss the struggle for super relaxers and burnt scalps.

Do you have any regimen you stick to?
When I started I'd wash my hair once a week, do the onion, honey, orange juice, banana, avocado treatments and egg treatment monthly. But now, o ti re body ( the girl is tired ), ain't nobody got time for that, I wash weekly, do tea rinse and deep condition.  Se finis.

What's your go to protective style?
When my hair was in the awkward phase, I loved fixing skull caps and wigs with my hair in "didi"  underneath. Now, Buns all the way.

Didi style

Covered up in a wig

In buns

There are people who definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?
Just a few persons and they know their opinions don't matter. Everybody else thinks you're locing the hair or doing "dada". Apart from these, I get good comments and many questions.

What's your must-have product and accessory?
Castor oil (to replace the onion juice), olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and scarves.

What's your advice to anyone planning to ditch relaxers?
Try spontaneity. It's the new spice of Life.

Thank you for your time.
Thank you too.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Three things that have changed since I went Natural!

  Hallo Loves! Going Natural comes with a whirlwind change almost to your entire lifestyle. Although I have about a million and six things that have changed,These three deserve a worthy mention!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 76

Laziness is not a good thing, honestly. I normally wash my hair every two weeks (14 days). I had an outing with Dimeji last weekend, and felt the need to do a twist out, side-part it, and let it hang a bit on both sides of my head. In my head, I pictured the look, and felt I would be the most beautiful girl in the world.

So I decided to do the twists about 3 days before the outing, so I can unravel on the fourth day. The issue was I had not washed my hair in the past 10 days. My options were to wash my hair as if it was two weeks before my previous wash, or to just go ahead and twist my hair, like it was freshly-washed hair. I chose the latter because I felt there was no time for me to start washing my hair, but the truth was that I was just plain-lazy, and looking for an easy way out, especially if I consider the fact that I don’t even have a job yet.
So after twisting my hair, I covered it with satin bonnet, and just lazed around the house for three days, reading, watching TV, developing myself in whatever way I could.

On the day of the outing, when Dimeji left his house to come and pick me, I started dressing up. After taking care of the dress and the face, I removed my satin bonnet to untwist my twist, in order to get a twistout. I noticed a few flakes, and cursed the demon of laziness that did not allow me wash my hair before twisting it. I knew it was not the pudding, because it was the same pudding I use all the time. It must have been because there had been product build-up on my hair before, and I used the pudding on a dirty hair, and the combination gave birth to this.

After unravelling the twist, and parting my hair in the way I had been fantasising about for about five days, I designed it with a flowery head band, and dusted off whatever flakes were visible to my eyes. Yes, I looked just as beautiful as I imagined. I was definitely an overcomer.

By this time, Dimeji was already waiting for me downstairs. When I got into his car, I gave him a big hug. He commented on how good I looked, and even commended me for being on time. I just beamed and teased him, as we started out on our journey.

In the heat of the moment, when we were having an interesting conversation, and I had gotten carried away, Dimeji was just looking at me. I noticed he wasn’t talking, and was looking at me funny.

“What is it?” I asked confused.

“You have snowflakes falling from your head.” He smiled

“What??? Oh mehhnnn. I thought I beat this thing off.” I tilted to look at my hair in the mirror.

“It’s all over your clothes, face, my chair, and your bag. If that’s what you call beating, then you sure are the Mike Tyson in this ring.”

True to Dimeji’s observation, the flakes were all over me. I was beginning to look like a live snowman. I thought of every possible solution to the problem, but it all boiled down to the fact that I have to wash my hair to get rid of the flakes, which was not possible at the moment. Laziness can really turn back, and bite people in the butt.

“So what will you do now?” Dimeji asked.

Since it was not like we were going on an official date with people, and I wasn’t wearing a dark-coloured top, I already made my mind. Nothing was going to steal my fun time with my boyfriend.

“We’ll just deal with it. It comes with the territory of being natural.”

Audrey Hepburn Deal With It
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Natural Hair Meet Up in Lagos - NITC9

The 9th edition of the Lagos Natural Hair meet up is finally here! It is the last one of the year, so make sure you don't miss it for anything! The theme this time is Maintaining Hair Length!

As a lot of people know, growing your hair long and keeping it long can be mutually exclusive although they really shouldn’t be. That is why we have a theme around this all important topic.

For the ladies that have locs, don’t fear, one of the presenters focuses solely on locs so you will be taken care of as well. Another presenter will be actually demo-ing styles. There will be two more presenters, so lots to expect!

The meet up is taking place at the Social Place, Lagos, the place where the very first edition took place in November 2011, and I was there, as a complete novice - I'm sure you won't believe. It is very calm and serene. No need to worry, even if the rain comes a-pouring

There will be giveaways and  product swaps (if you don’t bring your products, this does not work, so please bring those gently used products with you).

Of course, African Naturalistas will be there to make sure you get every natural hair care product of your choice.

Please, see the flyer below for more details, or go to

Lagos Natural Hair Meet Up NITC9

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Naturallure Spotlight: Dakore

Hi Naturalistas
Dakore is a Nigerian actress. I love Dakore. The reason is not far fetched. She is an amazing actress and she is effortlessly beautiful. I first discovered her in the movie 'emotional crack' and I fell in love with her.
I have always known her to play the natural hair team. This will be more of a post detailing her journey as she has transitioned from locs to the afro.
Enjoy her pictures






Hope she inspired you to love your hair more?
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

Twitter/Instagram: @JanylBenyl

Saturday, 15 November 2014

How to Wash Kids Natural Hair Without Tears

How to Wash Kids Natural hair
By DiscoveringNatural
In my blog post last week, I discussed and demonstrated how to detangle your child's hair effectively. Today, I will show you an easy way to wash your child's natural hair without tears.

Before starting the process of washing your child's natural hair, you have to first determine what you will use to wash the hair. For my children, it is usually between doing a co-wash, shampoo wash, or a clarifying wash. Don't worry, in upcoming blog posts, we will get more in-depth in each of these types of washes. However, here is a brief synopsis:

Co-wash: Washing with a cleansing conditioner.
Shampoo Wash: Washing with shampoo (Sulfate-free/Sulfate)
Clarifying Wash: Washing with a clarifying shampoo or cleanser.

After determining what to use, the next step is to find the right location to wash the hair. To learn more about 3 kids-friendly locations to wash hair, Click Here.

Next, is the wash process. when it comes to washing hair, remember that the scalp is the most important part that needs to be cleansed. If the scalp is covered with product buildup and dirt, it does not provide for an healthy place for hair to grow from. This in fact can stunt hair growth. First cleanse the scalp and then the hair.

In the video below, I demonstrate how I do a Shampoo Wash on your daughter's hair.

How do you wash your child's natural hair? Share your tips below.

Friday, 14 November 2014

My husband finished my conditioner!!!

Hello everyone!

I took out my crochet braids last night, after about 3 weeks. I have to admit that I think my hair may have suffered from not having easy access to it, as there's a lot of shedding and breakage, but it's not the end of the world. Anyway, I took the braids out last night, but was too tired to wash my hair. No matter how many times my husband told me to just get up and wash it, no matter how much he offered to wash the hair for me, my body was just not interested and said it was going to sleep. And sleep I did.

When I woke up this morning, I rushed into the shower to proceed to wash and condition my hair. Because of the product build up from moisturizing my hair underneath my protective style, I used a clarifying shampoo as I needed to get all that product out of my hair. Next I reached for my Hello Hydration conditioner, because my hair was in desperate need of instant and intense conditioning. Well, let me give you some background of my bottle of Hello Hydration conditioner. I have heard lots and lots of great reviews about it, but never saw the need to try it out. It wasn't until my most recent trip to the States, that I happened upon it at the grocery store and decided to try it out. I brought it back to Nigeria and had used it just one time - the slip is AMAZING and my hair felt VERY SOFT after using it.

This morning when I reached for it, the bottle felt weird. It felt light. I remembered having used it only one time, and I'm usually not heavy handed with products. So why was the bottle much less than halfway used? I racked my brain trying to figure it out. When I use my products, I put them back in my little bathroom stand. There's no way it would have poured out. Wait a minute! The conditioner was IN the shower stall this morning, not on the bathroom stand where I keep it. There was only one other person who could have moved it.
natural hair bride, african naturalistas
Berry Dakara Instagram

A lot of people describe my husband as having an afro. Yes, it's higher than a lot of men in Nigeria have their hair. We have had discussions here and there on what products are good for natural hair care. Never did it cross my mind that my lovely hubby was helping himself to my hair products!!!! I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry when I came to that realization this morning. My honest initial reaction was panic! If he'd used this conditioner to that level, what other products should I be worried about?!?! Especially since he claims he has to get his hair wet EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Well, I could do either of 3 things...

  1. Buy him his own set of products. He's not really into the natural hair lingo, and will use almost anything. Well, he said he just loved the conditioner and that's why he kept using it :p
  2. Hide my products :D
  3. Buy my products double-fold. This might end up being the best option. 
Just when eBunite wrote about maintaining a sensible Natural Hair Budget, my husband shows me that I have to spend even more now.

Well, the couple that cares for their hair together, stays together. 

Have a nice weekend!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Finghair Tips Thursday: Washing

Natural Hair And Your Budget

Hello everyone!

I would like to address something I've noticed overtime especially on social media platforms like Twitter. Often times, I see tweets about how natural hair is an expensive venture like the one below. This complaints most likely leads to frustration of sorts.

Now, many people clearly do not realize that this natural hair business is a personal thing. Yes, we all agree that there's more awareness and the community is increasing by the day but that doesn't mean you should lose yourself over it.

Everybody wants to join the bandwagon especially when it comes to products when they clearly cannot afford it. They want to able to flaunt and be affiliated with the various popular brands. They're not conscious of the fact that some of this products might not even work for you. It's all about trial and errors. So what is the point?

Cut your coat according to your size.

This might seem like a sort of cliché but we need to have this at the back of our minds. Unfortunately, natural hair product companies are not exactly popular. We do not have that many local businesses catering solely for the needs of naturals especially since it's not mainstream yet. Except for some brands like African Naturalistas. We need to get to a point that we can buy these products over the counter or in our local drugstores just like relaxers.

In the mean time, it's important to learn to shop -just like you would with everything else- according to your budget.

But first, what is your budget? Trust me, it is very very easy to get carried away with products. Heck! It's even the easiest thing hence the need for a budget. You need to allocate a particular amount for products and follow it religiously. Yes, it that serious.

Next, study your hair. Know the kind of products that are applicable and whatnot. Find out what works for your hair and stick to it. Product junkism might not allow your hair thrive.

Read product reviews. This is one habit I've imbibed this year. Before buying anything, I check reviews online. Google it and streamline the reviews to suit your location. Trust me, it has saved me a whole lot of money. Often times, some of these products are just hype, nothing else.

Finally, you really do not need to go overboard as along as you have the basics.You could always concort a few recipes for that DC mix which is often always more effective. From time to time, when you feel the need to switch things up or even try new products, go right ahead and splurge as you so desire. Afterall, variety is the spice of life. 

You can totally manage your natural hair on your budget.Don't let anyone convince or tell you otherwise. 

Over to you, do you have a budget for your natural hair? How have you been able to curb excessive spending on natural hair products?

Love, kinks and knots. 


Wednesday, 12 November 2014

¨I shaved all my hair'' Mane matters with Elizabeth Adeniji

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing this week? This week we bring you the very daring Elizabeth. I met at at the savy and chic garden party and she was talking about her hair clocking 2 years and how she wanted to talk about it, although we had featured her previously. I thought what better way than to bring her on mane matters? Yay? :P

Can I also add that she is also one of the top commenter's on the blog? 

Well, meet Elizabeth! 

AN: Can you tell us who you are and what you do?

My name is Adeniji Elizabeth.a.k.a Leeznijis. I am a recent graduate of Mass communication waiting for my youth service year. I work as a reviewer intern at Jumia Nigeria. I am also a blogger and I blog at (let’s say part-time)

AN: What's your thoughts about natural hair?

Natural hair is unique and versatile. It is beautiful and you just can’t stop loving it.
With Relaxer

AN: Why did you decide to go natural?

It was by accident. I was having issues with my hair. It was retarding in growth, I was itching constantly and I couldn’t bear it. I also had serious dandruff (as in I was so ashamed to go out to the salon to make my hair ‘cause of it). I could not comb my hair without having flaky dry things dropping It was so bad (despite trying different medications) that I decided I needed to cut my hair and start over. Meanwhile, I never knew a thing about natural hair, bc, ps,dc and all. So I shaved my hair off and started looking for better ways to treat my hair especially to rid the dandruff. Then I stumbled on natural hair and funny enough, African Naturalistas was the first natural hair blog I came across. So I thought to give it a try since I was starting all over.

AN: Did you do a BC or you transitioned?

I would say I did a really biggggggggg chop... lol
The Biggest chop

AN: Any fears about the BC?

Don’t think I had any. Just that I was wondering how I was going to look like. However, I was prepared as I got wigs.

AN: What has your experience been?

It’s been almost two years since I returned natural and it’s been fun so far. I am learning more about my hair and how to care for it better. It’s been amazing and challenging too.

AN: What was/is your biggest fear about going Natural?

I was scared my hair won’t grow since I shaved it all. But it’s growing now

AN: Do you think you are in it for the long haul or is it just a phase?

The long haul it is

AN: Do you have any hair regimen you stick to?

I really do not have one now but I used to have one earlier in the year. I just try this and that as far as it suits me. But I never forget to deep condition, do the hot oil treatment and wash when necessary. It comes with the mood. I think I got lazy. Would stick to one soon

AN: What’s your go-to protective style? 

Kinky braids, Weaves, Twists and pineapple fro
protective styling

AN: There are people that definitely have negative comments about your hair, how do you deal with that?

At first, I would get hurt when people say stuffs. Later on, I was no longer bothered as I would tell them It was my hair and not theirs. Arguing with them is not worth it at all. I have had several encounters with people and I try not to get angry ‘cause it’s bound to happen. Not everyone would love your hair. Lately, I get really good comments and i’m happy about that. My sis is even transitioning and some friends are willing to go natural.

AN: What’s your must have product and accessory?

Castor oil, Leave in conditioner, shea butter, Ecostyler gel, Hair band and bobby pins.

AN: What’s your advice to anyone planning to ditch relaxers?

Just do it if it’s what you want. There is no time to waste.

AN: Thank you for your time
You are welcome

P.S: If you want to get featured kindly read this post and send an email to with the the subject as ''Mane Matters" and you will be gotten back to. Thank you! 
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